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3D printing, autonomous driving, domestic assistance, healthcare devices, industrial manufacturing, search and rescue operations and much more. Robots and mechatronic systems are the future.

The Essex Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory researches the development of various kinds of mechatronic systems and intelligent robots that will be used in environments coexisting with humans. These mechatronic systems and robots are mobile, autonomous, interactive and intelligent, and will be useful assistants/companions for people in different ages, situations, activities and environments, helping to improve their quality of life.

We are one of the largest robotics and mechatronics laboratories in the UK, with advanced mobile robotics research facilities. Our Robot Arena is one hundred square metres in area and has a six metre high ceiling to accommodate flying robots. It has one of the world's largest powered lab floors for long-duration experiments with mobile robots.

We have invested over £2 million in equipping this state-of-the-art facility with robotics and mechatronic systems which include: collaborative table-top robot UR3, industrial robot Baxter, humanoid robot Pepper and NAO, wheeled mobile robots, flying robots, robotic fish, intelligent wheelchairs, and so on.

Our academics work closely with researchers in related areas, such as the Centre for Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neural Engineering.

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The Robotics and Mechatronics lab at the University of Essex researches mechatronic systems and robots that will co-exist with humans in the future. Research areas include brain-actuated robotic control, remote sensing, 3D mapping, robot navigation, cognitive robotics, physical and virtual environments, and autonomous vehicles.

We are actively involved in a range of research projects. Our work has been funded by public bodies and private companies, and we have worked in collaboration with a number of other institutions around the world.


  • Robotics Arena
  • Robotic Games Lab
  • a number of advanced robotics systems.

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