Academics in our research group have received funding for a range of projects, including consortium projects with institutions such as the University of Birmingham and London School of Economics. We have also taken part in interdisciplinary projects at Essex with the Human Rights Centre, as well with other CSEE research groups such as brain-computer interfaces, and robotics.

Current funded research projects

National Centre for Nuclear Robotics

Funded by the EPSRC

The National Centre for Nuclear Robotics is developing technologies to address the challenges posed by nuclear environments and materials.

A total of eight universities, led by the University of Birmingham, are part of a consortium that received the funding for this centre. The focus of the University of Essex is to research the effects of radiation on the electronics in robotic systems, and increase the resilience of such systems against radiation damage.

Human Rights, Big Data and technology

Funded by ESRC

Based at Essex's Human Rights Centre, this interdisciplinary project examines the impact of big data, artificial intelligence and similar technologies, on human rights.

Business and Local Government Data Research Centre

Funded by ESRC, the BLG Data Research Centre is a collaborative interdisciplinary centre involving the University of East Anglia, University of Essex, University of Kent, and the London School of Economics. Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier is one of the Essex academics involved in the centre, and is a member of the local economic growth group.


Funded by the EU.

Previous funded research projects

TFCloud – TFCloud, assuring the provenance of Cloud based Web Services, funded by TSB / Innovate UK

COALAS – Cognitive Assisted Living Ambient Systems project funded by European Regional Development Fund, ERDF Interreg IVA Channel Programme

RoBoSAS: Gobal engagement with NASA JPL and ESA in Robotics, Brain Computer Interfaces, and Secure Adaptive Systems for Space Applications” funded by EPSRC

ADS-SoC - Adaptive Development Support for Future Systems-on-Chip funded by EPSRC (EP/I500952/1).

ReSIP - Reconfigurable System-on-Chip based Networks of Integrated and Distributed Sensor Platform Nodes for Environmental Diagnostic and Sensing funded by EPSRC (EP/C005686/1).

Networking of Distributed Sensors for Proactive Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines funded by EPSRC (EP/C014790/1).

ESPACENET: Evolvable Networks of Intelligent and Secure Integrated and Distributed Reconfigurable System-On-Chip Sensor Nodes for Aerospace Based Monitoring and Diagnostics funded by EPSRC (EP/C54630X/1).

ACOS – Automated Control and guidance System funded by European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IIIA Programme.

OMNIVISS – Embedded Omnidirectional Vision System for Environment Reconstruction and Analysis funded by European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IIIA Programme.

ModEasy – MOdel Driven dEsign for Automative Safety embedded sYstem funded by European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IIIA Programme.

Debug Support Strategy for Systems-on-Chips with Multiple Processor Cores funded by EPSRC (GR/S13361/01).