Computer science

Computing is everything, computing is everywhere. Our lives would be unrecognisable without it.

Computer science
Information systems make businesses run properly. Computer games create imaginary worlds.

Simulation enables us to understand how things, people and countries behave. Social media, face recognition, website design, cloud computing, network security, robotics – all of these are fascinating areas of computing, and there is nowhere better to study them.

Why study here?
  • We are home to many of the world’s top scientists and engineers in the field of computer science.
  • We specialise in areas as diverse as assistive technologies, computer games, artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, big data, and robotics.
  • We offer exceptional facilities including state-of-the-art labs.
Information systems make businesses run properly. Computer games create imaginary worlds.

Simulation enables you to understand how things, people and countries behave. We give you a thorough and up-to-date grounding in all these areas and more, while allowing you to develop in-depth specialisation. Our cutting-edge research is changing people’s lives.

Why study here?
  • Studying at Essex gives you access to our exceptional facilities and labs - join us in our state-of-the-art robot arenas.
  • We are leaders in artificial intelligence, assistive technologies, brain-computer interfaces, computer games, evolutionary computation, human language technology, and robotics.
  • Our curriculum is closely aligned to the needs of industry and also provides an ideal preparation for further study.
Image of alumnus, James Usherwood
"The thing I enjoyed the most about studying at Essex was the passion the academic staff brought to the lectures and lab sessions. Their knowledge and experience was absolutely outstanding and the course gave me strong practical skills so I could hit the ground running when I graduated. After Essex, I moved to Brisbane, Australia, and for the last twelve years I’ve been working for a company called GroundProbe, which provides tech solutions to the mining industry. Recently we were honoured at the Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies awards, including being recognised as Australia’s most innovative company. My time at Essex provided me with the strong foundation I needed to get to where I am today!"
James Usherwood BSc Computer Science, MSc Embedded Systems and Robotics*, 2002 (*This course is now MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics)
Our School has a large and thriving graduate research community. 

We provide an active and stimulating environment to carry out your doctoral research and have an extensive range of specialist labs and facilities. We offer various routes to a research degree.

Why study here?
  • We have an international reputation for the outstanding quality of our research.
  • We offer research degrees spanning the computer science and electronic engineering disciplines.
  • Access to specialist labs and facilities including six laboratories exclusively for CSEE, along with office space and dedicated equipment for research students.
Two women looking at a PC screen
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