Electronic engineering and communications

Electronics is essential to our modern world of instant global communication and the cutting edge technologies of tomorrow.

Electronic engineering and communications
The internet, innovative telecommunications and powerful, inexpensive computing have all been realised through advances in electronics.

Our students are the people who develop the technology we use in our daily lives. Join our community of scholars who are leading the way in technological research and development.

Why study here?
  • We are home to many of the world's top scientists and engineers in fields such as electronics, communications and robotics.
  • We are ranked Top 15 for electronic engineering (TGUG 2019).
  • You have access to our exceptional purpose-built facilities with the latest hardware and software tools.
Modern computing has been realised through advances in electronics.

Our graduates are the people who make what we all use in our daily lives possible. At Essex you fine-tune your creativity, team-working and leadership skills, and learn to design with dedication and expertise.

Why study here?
  • Collaborate with our research staff on our cutting-edge work on networks, multimedia, optoelectronics, the internet of things, and robotics.
  • Become part of the next generation of industry professionals and academic researchers to help drive the economy, and push the frontiers of knowledge.
  • Use our exceptional purpose-built facilities, equipped with the latest hardware and software tools.
Our School has a large and thriving graduate research community.

We provide an active and stimulating environment to carry out your doctoral research and have an extensive range of specialist labs and facilities. We offer various routes to a research degree.

Why study here?
  • We have an international reputation for the outstanding quality of our research.
  • We offer postgraduate research courses spanning the computer science and electronic engineering disciplines.
  • Access to specialist labs and facilities including a semiconductor clean room and a printed circuit milling facility, along with office space and dedicated equipment for research students.
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