You must have plenty of questions...

So, someone you care for is interested in going to University. Congratulations! They are about to embark on an exciting journey; and like with any big event, it will no doubt bring with it uncertainty and nervousness. For you that is.

The information presented here will help your understanding of the process, ensuing you can assist your child in making the best choice about their future.

The Application Process

We recommend beginning your research during Spring time if you are planning on joining the University in October of the following year. You should ensure you explore all the courses available in as much detail as possible, as in many cases some University's may offer courses you might never have thought of before.

If you are applying through UCAS, applications can be submitted between September - January. Applying then, ensures your application will be given the best consideration by the University. If you miss this date, some University courses may close, but you can still submit your application and many courses will still be open and taking applications still.

Our 'how to apply' page provides all the information you might need to make your application and goes through the steps and considerations you might need to make.

The application timeline

  • Spring and Summer - Research your course.
  • Summer and Autumn - Visit the Universities, attend Open Days, UCAS conventions, visit everywhere you can to really get a feel for where you might want to study.
  • September through to January: Make your application to UCAS. You can also apply direct to us.
  • January to May: you'll start to receive University offers
  • February to June: You should apply for accommodation. You'll also be invited to an Offer Holder Day during this time where you can visit the University, learn more about your course and depending upon the course, you might need to attend an interview. 
  • July: If you have your exam results already, you can now apply through Clearing. If you haven't you'll need to wait until you get your results to find out whether to use Clearing.
  • August: Exam results will be released and you'll find out which University's you were successful with. You can also apply through Clearing during this time if you need to.
  • End of September or early October: You can start University. 

Finance, funding and financial support

One of the biggest concerns for both parents and students is the cost of going to University, but two things are definitely true: firstly, university is worth it – we provide our students with a transformational experience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives; and secondly, there’s loads of financial support available – many of our students have access to loans, bursaries, scholarships and discounts which will help them pay for their education at Essex. 

For UK students starting a three-year undergraduate course in 2024-2025 a support package of up to £3,000 is being offered to students with a household income of £35,000 or under (as assessed by Student Finance England). We also have a variety of different International Scholarships and bursaries too ensuring students can come to us no matter what their background or financial status is.

Undergraduate students from the UK are entitled to apply for a Government-backed loan to cover their tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of their studies with us. They will then start to repay the loan in small increments after they’ve graduated.


One of the big benefits of going to university is the prospect of getting a graduate-level job once you’ve completed your degree – and this is no different at Essex.

We focus on helping students improve their employability by gaining new skills and having new experiences during their time with us. 

We provide:

Support and wellbeing

We’re a supportive community – willing to go the extra mile to help our students make the most of their time with us and to set them up strongly for the future. We provide comprehensive support for all our students from the very beginning when they register on campus to years after they graduate. If students have any issues at all – academically, personally, financially or with regards to their physical or mental health – we will support and guide them forward. 

For students living on campus, Residence Life will be their first port of call. For other issues, the Student Services Hub can offer a wide range of support.

Student Accommodation

We understand that having your child live away from home can be dauting, but at Essex we'll make sure your child feels right at home.

Finding the right accommodation for you can make a huge difference to how you settle in and become a member of our community. At Essex, we have accommodation to suit everyone, and everyone's budget. From rooms only minutes away from your lecture hall, and other facilities, to others located closer to the city centre. What's more all our accommodation costs include utility bills; contents insurance, a gym membership, 24/7 security, and support from well-being teams.

Guaranteed accommodation is offered as an Undergraduate student at our Colchester and Southend Campus if you apply before 23 August 2024.

Student running through South Courts accommodation in Colchester
South Courts accommodation on our Colchester Campus
The Meadows Accommodation
The Meadows Accommodation
University Square buildings, Southend campus
University Square buildings, Southend campus