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We offer a number of Integrated Masters programmes across a range of different subject areas.

These programmes combine three years at undergraduate level with a final year at postgraduate level, so upon completion of the course you'll be graduating with a masters-level qualification in your chosen subject. With many subjects you also have the opportunity to add on an additional year to your course to be spent either studying abroad or on a work placement. 

Combining undergraduate and postgraduate study in one degree will give you a strong theoretical background as well as specialist expertise through independent research or projects in your chosen field. This combination makes graduates from these programmes attractive candidates for many employers.

How does it work?

You'll study the first three years (four years if you choose to add in a study abroad or placement year) at undergraduate level, and during your final year you'll study at postgraduate level and have the opportunity to investigate more advanced topics in your chosen area.

The final year runs in the same schedule as our undergraduate courses, so you'll be completing your final year in nine months as compared to a regular MA/MSc (Master of Arts/Master of Science) which are usually 12 months in duration.

The credit load in the final year is also different to an MA or MSc; you'll be completing 120 credits at postgraduate level instead of the 180 credits usually included in a year-long Masters programme.

Further information about the course structure can be found in the individual course descriptions through the links below.

Information for current Essex students

If you are a current Essex student on a relevant undergraduate programme and are interested in changing your course to one of the new Integrated Master pathways, please discuss this with your department in the first place. You should also read the guidance for changing your course.

Our Integrated Masters courses

Department of Economics

Department of Government

Department of History

Integrated Master in History (MHist)

Department of Language and Linguistics

Integrated Master in Linguistics (MLing)

Integrated Master in Modern Languages (MLang)

Departure of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Integrated Master in Mathematics (MMath)

Integrated Master in Science (MSci)

Department of Psychology

Department of Sociology

Integrated Master in Sociology (MSoc)

Essex Business School

Integrated Master in Accounting (MAcc)

Integrated Master in Management (MMan)

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Integrated Master in Science (MSci)

Integrated Master in Engineering (MEng)

School of Law

Integrated Master in Law (MLaw)

School of Life Sciences

School of Philosophy and Art History

Integrated Master in Philosophy (MPhilos)

Integrated Master in Art History (MArtH)

School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

Integrated Master in Science (MSci)