Reporting a crime

Fortunately, incidents of crime are infrequent on our campuses. However, if you do witness one or are a victim, always report it:

You can contact our Campus Patrol or Security Officers on extension 2222 or 01206 872222 – Please remember to add this to your address book for quick access in an emergency

Reporting emergency incidents

  • Always call extension 2222 or 01206 872222 first to reach our Security/Campus Patrol team
  • We will then call 999 on your behalf

By calling our number instead, Campus Patrol or Security Officers can direct the emergency services to the exact site of the emergency without delay.

Reporting non-emergency incidents

  • Call 2222 to reach our Security/Campus Patrol team
  • We will then report the incident to 101 on your behalf.

If do call 999 first you must report the incident immediately afterwards to our security team on extension 2222 or 01206 872222 if you have not already done so. Please ensure you provide details about the incident (including the Crime Reference number) to our Security team, who can also be found at the Information CentreInformation CentreInformation Centre at the Colchester Campus (open 24 hours a day, every day) or our Southend HelpdeskSouthend HelpdeskSouthend Helpdesk.

If you call us afterwards, where possible, we may also be able to assist immediately and/or work together with the police using available resources such as CCTV.

Information to include

The most important information you can give the police or Patrol Officers if you see someone acting suspiciously or committing a crime are:

  • person's description, for example age, height, build, gender, ethnicity, any distinguishing features etc
  • location of incident and when it happened
  • direction the person(s) was heading if they have left the scene
  • transportation, if the person(s) used a car, motorbike etc. If possible, what make, model, colour, registration number etc

Patrol Officers will do their best to help following any crime. However, should you need it, there is also a support network in place where you have been affected. You can ask us in confidence or contact the Student Services Hub.