Using LEAP

Logging in

When logging in to the Learner Engagement Activity Portal (LEAP), please use your Essex login details, without the and ensure that you are using the latest version of Chrome (this browser offers the best functionality for LEAP).

The LEAP team are working to include exchange students into LEAP in the near future, however, at the moment exchange students aren't able to log in to LEAP.

If you are a postgraduate research student, LEAP won't display an engagement indicator for you as how you engage with your studies is slightly different to taught students.

You can also log in via MyEssex or PocketEssex. Look out for the LEAP icon!

Your attendance

The LEAP team cannot amend your attendance, however the attendance webpage provides various information including how to report an absence and how to check a faulty card within the Student Services Hub.  You can also contact to query your attendance or for help and  guidance.  Any amendments made to your attendance after the day of the teaching event may take up to 7 days to display in LEAP.

Contact us
Contact us
If you're concerned with any of the data or would like to query your engagement indicators, you can talk to your personal tutor, a member of staff you trust or email the LEAP team.