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Are you an undergraduate student in your final year of studying at Essex? Do you want your opinions heard?

The National Student Survey (NSS) is your chance to feedback on your student experience during your time here at university. It's an independently run survey asking final year undergraduate students across the country about their time at university. You'll be asked to give your opinions anonymously, on what you liked about your course and also what you think we could do to improve things here at Essex. 

The results are made publicly available to help prospective students make informed decision of where and what to study. Your voice is hugely important and could help to shape the future of your course and university.

Take part in the NSS now

*The NSS survey is only eligible for students in their final year of studying. If you are a first or second year student, please complete the UK Engagement Survey instead. 

If you are having problems accessing the NSS, please use our Survey Gateway to assess your eligibility.

How to take part in the NSS

Giving your feedback is really easy, simply fill in the online survey between
4 February – 30 April 2019. You can do this on a computer or on a mobile or tablet, and it just takes 10 minutes to complete.

You need to be a final year student to participate in the NSS so you will need to complete an eligibility check by providing your full name and date of birth, as well as your student ID number. 

You will receive a confirmation email once your survey has been submitted to NSS.

Win a VIP Graduation Package

To encourage you to complete the survey, University of Essex is offering the following prize to be awarded randomly to a student who enters the online survey prize draw before midnight on
31 March 2019:

1 VIP Graduation package including gown hire, 2 guest tickets with VIP seating in your Graduation Ceremony, a photography package up to the value of £35, and £150 towards overnight accommodation. A cash alternative cannot be substituted for the prize.

The winner will be notified by email from the Student Engagement Team at the University of Essex on 5 April 2019. The results will be announced in Essex Spirit (the University of Essex student
e-newsletter) by 30 April 2019.

NSS - charity donation
Make a difference

We'll donate £1 for every survey completed to charities chosen by our students: CARA, HARP Southend, and Helping Hands of London.

Take part in the NSS now

To find out more about these charities, and the impact each £1 donation can have on their work, head over to the SU website.

should you take part in the NSS?

Your chance to give honest, anonymous feedback on your student experience
It takes just 10 minutes to complete
We'll donate £1 to charity for every survey you complete
Have your say and be heard
You'll help make a difference to Essex
NSS - give anon feedback on your student experience
NSS - just takes ten minutes
Piggy bank donation
NSS - have your voice heard
NSS - make a difference

You said, we did

Your feedback plays an important role in helping to shape the future of your university, here’s some of the key departmental changes that have been made as a result of last year's NSS results:

  • The choice is yours – we’ve introduced additional modules to help you create a course that suits you.
  • More opportunities to get great minds together – we’ve created new social spaces and communal study areas.
  • Support when you need it – increased academic support hours and departmental engagement.
  • Keep in touch – More frequent departmental feedback on your progress.
  • Improving the way your course works – Greater clarity on coursework marking criteria and submission deadlines.

The important details

Sharing your information

The University is required to pass details of students in their final year to Ipsos-MORI for the National Student Survey (NSS). This data is used only for the survey and removed from their systems as soon as the survey is over. All responses are reported anonymously. 

You can find out more about the NSS or choose to opt out of the survey on the NSS website

How we use the results

The University of Essex has a full procedure on disseminating student survey results. In brief, this involves the following activity:

Understanding the results 

National Student Survey (NSS) results are not published per department because not all university departments are the same. Different universities divide their subjects up in different ways so the NSS reflects this by publishing results using the universities sector-wide ‘joint academic coding system’ (JACS). These codes can be grouped together to give very broad subject groupings, such as social studies, made up from a collection of more refined groups, such as economics, politics or sociology. NSS subjects are made up of a hierarchy of three levels, each containing a number of groups from the level below.

National media publication

Once available NSS results and many other statistics are published on Unistats, the official website that helps students make an informed choice about choosing which university to apply to. At this time NSS results are also published in national newspapers’ university league tables and the University will communicate the results internally and externally to staff and students and in news releases.

Departmental results

The University’s Strategic Planning and Change Section provides a basic set of NSS results data for departments, who may request access to more detailed data. This data supplements course-specific feedback received from students during the Student Assessment of Modules and Teaching (SAMT), as a valuable tool that also serves to improve the quality of your educational and student experience before you reach the end of your programme. Heads of department or school subsequently give feedback to staff and student liaison committees on action taken in response to surveys.

Informing strategic planning and change

Results are also considered at University level and are used to inform the University's strategic planning processes with particular reference to those areas that are most important to students. Survey results also feed into annual programme monitoring and the annual departmental planning cycle.

For more information about student surveys or if you’d like to talk to someone about your experience at the University of Essex, please email

If you are having problems accessing the NSS, please use our Survey Gateway to assess your eligibility.

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