Student representation

Student Representatives provide a voice for undergraduate and postgraduate students at course or module level. Representatives feedback in a number of ways giving the department the opportunity to enhance the student experience.

The Student Representatives Policy (.pdf) explains in further detail the role of student representation in departments and on different University committees. The Students' Union provides information on the Student Representative role and contact details.

Within the Department of Government, there is an additional scheme known as 'Student Module Representatives'. This differs from the role offered by the Students' Union by being module-specific and involving more direct contact with individual lecturers. The 'Student Module Representatives'  represent an important bridge between the module instructor and students enrolled in the specific module. The student module representative acts as the "voice" of the students in the module and relays students' concerns, questions, and suggestions, about the module directly to the instructor. The role therefore promotes and strengthens skills in leadership, project administration, communication, and program evaluation. Students that undertake this role will also have the opportunity to influence teaching and education practices within the Department of Government and to promote student satisfaction in the university. To become a Student Module Representative, please contact your module leader at the start of term. Your module leader is in charge of the nomination process.

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