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Your voice matters

We have made a number of changes around the University as a result of your ideas and feedback. In 2018-19, our departments made the following changes:


  • Design of Meadows Phase 3 windows changed after consultation to allow more air flow.

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

  • Installation of blinds Lab 7 (by end of Autumn Term) and Exploratory Space (by Spring Term).
  • Microsoft Visio fixed in Lab 7.
  • SAMT surveys for modules in the Autumn Term as requested.
  • Inclusion of Agile into the Year 1 Project Management curriculum.
  • Clearer information how to change course in Year 2 enrolment sessions and Year 1 Welcome Week.
  • Provision of software you need for your course.
  • Partition provided between Bytes Cafe and Exploratory Space to reduce noise disruption.
  • Lab 3 as a designated quite space for solo working.
  • Links to FASER within Moodle.
  • More GLA recruited and two permanent Lab Assistants to be recruited.
  • SU reps and societies contacted with view to possible collaboration on specific areas.
  • Improved and expanded Student Information Moodle page.
  • Proposed review and standardisation of Moodle page organisation.
  • More innovative ways of working such as group feedback sessions at key times.
  • Promotion of more dynamic approach to Academic Support Hours, such as via Skype/Zoom and splitting sessions across multiple days.


  • Introduction of new degree schemes to expand our placements programme.
  • Engagement of a Student Engagement Officer to co-ordinate your feedback. 

Languages and Linguistics

  • Improvement of the student and staff community feel of the department, such events, movie screenings, Capstone Community events and other social events.
  • Introduction of Language and Culture Cafés inviting all students and staff come and speak in the languages taught in the department, plus guest speakers of other languages such as Swahili.

Life Sciences

  • New introduction tutorials.
  • More classes for statistics.
  • Additional practice and support sessions.
  • Termly feedback sessions responded to by module leads.
  • Summer School moved to Autumn so as not to impact summer break.


Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies

  • Increased optionality within degrees.
  • Inviting more professionals from the arts to talk to students.
  • Giving a precise date for coursework feedback.
  • More student prizes for 2018-19.
  • Published staff photos.
  • Academic support hours on office doors.

Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies

  • 'Change Weeks' in order to provide mid-term module feedback
  • Informal 'feedback moments' withing teaching events
  • Inviting students to staff meetings and the Education Away Day


  • Introduction of mid-term student feedback which is acted upon before your modules are completed.
  • Active recruitment of Student Representatives.
  • Coursework submission deadline amended from 1pm to 10am to encourage class attendance on submission days.
  • Standardisation and clarification of the marking criteria for each module.

Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

  • Introduction of mid-module feedback.
  • Regular SSLC meetings.
  • Informal drop-in space to discuss any issues.
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