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We have made a number of changes around the University as a result of your ideas and feedback. In 2018-19, our departments made the following changes:


  • Design of Meadows Phase 3 windows changed after consultation to allow more air flow.

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

  • Installation of blinds Lab 7 (by end of Autumn Term) and Exploratory Space (by Spring Term).
  • Microsoft Visio fixed in Lab 7.
  • SAMT surveys for modules in the Autumn Term as requested.
  • Inclusion of Agile into the Year 1 Project Management curriculum.
  • Clearer information how to change course in Year 2 enrolment sessions and Year 1 Welcome Week.
  • Provision of software you need for your course.
  • Partition provided between Bytes Cafe and Exploratory Space to reduce noise disruption.
  • Lab 3 as a designated quite space for solo working.
  • Links to FASER within Moodle.
  • More GLA recruited and two permanent Lab Assistants to be recruited.
  • SU reps and societies contacted with view to possible collaboration on specific areas.
  • Improved and expanded Student Information Moodle page.
  • Proposed review and standardisation of Moodle page organisation.
  • More innovative ways of working such as group feedback sessions at key times.
  • Promotion of more dynamic approach to Academic Support Hours, such as via Skype/Zoom and splitting sessions across multiple days.


  • Introduction of new degree schemes to expand our placements programme.
  • Engagement of a Student Engagement Officer to co-ordinate your feedback. 

Languages and Linguistics

  • Improvement of the student and staff community feel of the department, such events, movie screenings, Capstone Community events and other social events.
  • Introduction of Language and Culture Caf├ęs inviting all students and staff come and speak in the languages taught in the department, plus guest speakers of other languages such as Swahili.

Life Sciences

  • New introduction tutorials.
  • More classes for statistics.
  • Additional practice and support sessions.
  • Termly feedback sessions responded to by module leads.
  • Summer School moved to Autumn so as not to impact summer break.


Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies

  • Increased optionality within degrees.
  • Inviting more professionals from the arts to talk to students.
  • Giving a precise date for coursework feedback.
  • More student prizes for 2018-19.
  • Published staff photos.
  • Academic support hours on office doors.

Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies

  • 'Change Weeks' in order to provide mid-term module feedback
  • Informal 'feedback moments' within teaching events
  • Inviting students to staff meetings and the Education Away Day


  • Introduction of mid-term student feedback which is acted upon before your modules are completed.
  • Active recruitment of Student Representatives.
  • Coursework submission deadline amended from 1pm to 10am to encourage class attendance on submission days.
  • Standardisation and clarification of the marking criteria for each module.

Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

  • Introduction of mid-module feedback.
  • Regular SSLC meetings.
  • Informal drop-in space to discuss any issues.
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