School of Philosophy and Art History

Oliver's career story

Oliver looking towards the camera in front of a bookshelf.

Oliver Morris, BA Philosophy graduate, 2014.

What did you enjoy most about your studies? Which modules or areas of research did you particularly enjoy? 

I studied a lot of mind and perception, both directly and indirectly. I enjoyed learning about how we can share and communicate ideas. Be it through critical thinking, logic, film, art, poetry and vaguely comprehensible thousand page screeds.

I also learnt a lot about post-modernism and truth, which has been fascinating in the post-truth/fake news era since I left university. My final dissertation was an examination of ghosts in photography. I now make a podcast about two Paranormal Investigators with a Essex MA history graduate who studied folklore. More generally, it's allowed me to tackle life's absurdity more robustly, even if that's to allow it to wash over me.

What have you done since graduating from Essex? 

I am a freelance audio producer. I've worked for the BBC, Classic FM and Whistledown productions as a producer, sound designer and studio manager. I am also working within the evolving Wild West of podcasting, creating music, soundscapes and consulting on various works. I also create "Kane and Feels: Paranormal Investigators" - a horror noir audio fiction podcast I developed with a MA history graduate from the University.

How did you become an Audio Producer?

I got my start at RED radio (now Rebel), the Student Unions' radio station. I got to experiment with form and styles and see if you could apply philosophy to it... andturns out you can! I then studied an MA in Radio Production at Bournemouth University and since then it's been GRAFT.

Could you describe a typical day?

Emails, hustle, editing, coffee, reflection, adaption, frustration, emails, money, hustle, editing, travel, work, travel, reflection, sleep.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I am my own boss, I get to introduce myself as an "amazing audio wizard", think about the mind, think about perceptions, turn both ideas upside down regularly.

How relevant is your degree to your job? 

Deeply. Philosophy offers a deep examination of the frameworks of society, existence, being, consciousness and the smaller stuff like truth and justice, sex and your parents, death, god and the meaning of life etc. It offers an glimpse of why the world is the way it is before bodily booting you back into it. This skill is crucially important in media, especially with the proliferation of #FakeNews etc.