Research Division

Political Theory and Discourse

A row of people sat at a table at political summit with microphones and papers on the desk

We combine research in ideology, discourse analysis and analytic political theory

Our expertise of political theory covers a vast array of topics, ranging from the history of political thought to normative policy analysis, from discourse theory to normative social choice theory.

We are interested in whether disgorging the benefits of historical wrongdoing is an attractive strategy, the relevance of inscription for democratic theory and practice, the ethics of childcare benefits and subsidies, and the consequences of volcanic activity on the risk assessment of air transportation.

We also contribute to three departmental methods working groups: mixed-methods research, data science & quantitative political methodology, and evidence & public policy. The methods working groups encourage collaboration across research divisions based on shared methodological interests and facilitate interdisciplinary research. They promote the representation of the full spectrum of empirical approaches in our political science research and teaching.

To discover which methods working group a division member belongs to, please read their profiles listed below: 

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Head of Research Division Professor Paul Bou-Habib
Department of Government, University of Essex
Departmental Director of Research Professor Han Dorussen
Department of Government, University of Essex