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Political Behaviour

A man in a dark winter coat holding a ballot paper as he drops  it in the ballot box

We research political behaviour

We are one of the leading departments on the research of the UK's party system and elections. As a result the British election study was located at Essex between 2002 and 2012.

We conduct research on party positions, electoral strategies, political preferences and public opinion, and political behaviour. We also study the mutual influences between parties and voters and the conditions that shape these influences, partisan strategies in proportional electoral systems, the influence of public opinion on the decision to intervene into the Syria conflict, and much more.

We also contribute to three departmental methods working groups: mixed-methods research, data science & quantitative political methodology, and evidence & public policy. The methods working groups encourage collaboration across research divisions based on shared methodological interests and facilitate interdisciplinary research. They promote the representation of the full spectrum of empirical approaches in our political science research and teaching.

To discover which methods working group a division member belongs to, please read their profiles listed below: 

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Contact us
Head of Research Division Professor Robert Johns
Department of Government, University of Essex
Departmental Director of Research Professor Han Dorussen
Department of Government, University of Essex