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  • Institutions of Democracy (GV121)

  • Israeli Politics (GV525)


Journal articles (6)

Algara, C. and Zur, R., (2023). The Downsian roots of affective polarization. Electoral Studies. 82, 102581-102581

Vasilopoulou, S. and Zur, R., (2022). Electoral competition, the EU issue and far-right success in Western Europe. Political Behavior

Zur, R., (2021). Stuck in the middle: Ideology, valence and the electoral failures of centrist parties. British Journal of Political Science. 51 (2), 706-723

Zur, R., (2021). The Multidimensional Disadvantages of Centrist Parties in Western Europe. Political Behavior. 43 (4), 1755-1777

ZUR, ROI., (2019). Party survival in parliament: Explaining party durability in lower‐house parliaments. European Journal of Political Research. 58 (3), 960-980

Zur, R., (2017). When Valence Crushes: Explaining the Electoral Failure of the German FDP in the 2013 Election. German Politics. 26 (3), 380-397

Book chapters (1)

Adams, J., Merrill, S. and Zur, R., (2020). The Spatial Voting Model. In: The SAGE Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations. Editors: Curini, L. and Franzese, R., . SAGE. 205- 223. 9781526459930

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How Parties Die? Political Parties Change and Mortality in Western Democracies

British Academy



5.017, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

Monday 12:30-14:30