Research Division

International Relations and Conflict

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We research international relations

Our division focuses on international relations, spanning topics from conflict, peace, and security to international political economy.

A distinctive feature of our orientation is an emphasis on the commonalities between all forms of politics, whether within states or between states, and the interrelationship between international relations and domestic politics and institutions.

We analyse foreign policy decision making, multilateral military cooperation, conflict resolution techniques such as mediation and international peacekeeping, civil wars, failed states, and terrorism, international development, international security and international political economy.

We also contribute to three departmental methods working groups: mixed-methods research, data science & quantitative political methodology, and evidence & public policy. The methods working groups encourage collaboration across research divisions based on shared methodological interests and facilitate interdisciplinary research. They promote the representation of the full spectrum of empirical approaches in our political science research and teaching.

To discover which methods working group a division member belongs to, please read their profiles listed below: 

Contact us
Head of Research Division Dr Brian Phillips
Department of Government, University of Essex
Departmental Director of Research Professor Han Dorussen
Department of Government, University of Essex