Returning student registration

As a returning student, you need to register at the start of each academic year before you start attending the next year of your course. This ensures that you have access to University resources and that we know you want to continue and can open your student record.

Students returning from a period of intermission are also required to register online. You will receive an email before you are due to return with further information.

When to register

The online registration system is now closed.

You must now obtain approval from your department or school and register in person at your Student Services Hub. You must remember to complete registration before you are permitted to attend teaching.

You should also be aware of registration regulation 5.4 and ensure that you register no later than 30 October 2019 in order to avoid being withdrawn from your course of study.

New student registration

Are you a new student registering to start a new course? We can provide you with help and advice about what you need to do before you arrive and what you need to bring with you to your registration event.

Things you need to know

Paying your tuition fee

You can pay your fee:

  1. online
  2. by bank transfer - please note that this can take up to ten days to complete.
  3. in person on campus

You must make a payment of at least one term's tuition fee before you can re-register, even if you intend to pay your fee when you arrive

How to pay your tuition fee

Student loans and grants

Undergraduate (UK/EEA) students

If you have an approved student loan and/or Government grant you will receive information directly from Student Finance England during the summer. If you are to receive a full tuition fee loan you will not be required to make a payment to the University. If you are required to pay some or all of your tuition fees you will receive an invoice from the University, once you have completed registration. The invoice will detail the amount due, the payment options (either in full or by instalments) and the dates the payment(s) must be made.

How to pay your tuition fee

If you have applied for a tuition fee loan but it has not yet been approved by Student Finance England at the time of registration, you should still complete Online Registration and commence your studies for the year. If your loan has not been approved by the time the tuition fee payments are due (as detailed in the invoice issued to you), then you will be liable for your tuition fees, as per our tuition fee payment and liability policy (.pdf), and payment will be required in order for you to progress to the next term of study. Once your loan is approved the University will refund any payments you have made back to you.

If you experience any issues with Student Finance funding being approved and would like further advice please contact

Students with UK immigration permission

The University must ensure that all our students have the right to study with us throughout their course(s) and must retain evidence of your UK immigration status. If the immigration documents we hold for you have expired or you must make a new visa application before you can be registered for the next academic year, you’ll need to register in person rather than on-line and you should receive an email from our International Services team to let you know what immigration documents you’ll need to bring.

Come along to the registration event at your campus during Welcome Week and bring the following documents with you:

Documents showing how you are funded to pay your tuition fees (if you're self-funded, you will need to pay at least one term's tuition fees before you can register) and;

Details of your current UK address and contact details and;

Your valid passport containing your entry clearance sticker or stamp and evidence of your valid UK immigration status as follows:

  • If you travelled into the UK recently, your travel ticket showing your date of entry into the UK, paper or electronic and;
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit, if you have one (if you have a new one to collect, you should collect it first) or;
  • A copy of all pages of your leave to remain application, if you have made one recently and not yet had the outcome

If you have indefinite leave, settlement, an EEA family member permit or any other form of UK immigration permission and do not have a BRP you must bring a Home Office document showing your current status.

Please be aware that if you are unable to supply documents to prove that you have valid UK immigration status that allows study with us you will not be able to register and start your course. Read more about visa checks at registration.

Tier 4 Students

All students must register in person for the first academic year of their course. If you are continuing the same course, you should be able to register online unless we need to check your immigration status, see the section above. The Home Office requires us to ensure that your UK address and contact details are up to date. So, it's really important that, even if you haven't changed anything, you do as follows each September and whenever your details change thereafter:

  • During September - log in to your myEssex portal, select 'update personal details' and press 'update' (even if there are no changes).

Our International Services team will run a check later in the Autumn term to make sure you have updated your contact details recently, we will be in touch with you by email if your details are incomplete or haven't been updated since August.

Don't forget - you will need to inform others of changes to your personal details/circumstances including the Home Office. If you are registered with the Police you must update your certificate within 7 days of a change at your local Police Station. Visit our immigration pages for more information.

Replacement registration cards

Replacement cards can be requested directly from your Student Services Hub. There is a charge of £5 for this service, and you will need to bring with you a form of identification.

Stolen registration cards

Your card will be replaced free of charge only on production of a police crime number.

If you need help

If you have problems registering, please contact us at immediately so that we can try to resolve them for you.

If you need any further help and advice about registering for the next year of your course, please contact the Student Services Hub who will be happy to advise you.

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