Returning student registration

Online Registration is currently open for the academic year 2023-2024.
Register online

As a returning student, you need to register online at the start of each academic year before you access your course and begin attending your next period of study.

This ensures that we know you want to continue as a student, so we can keep your student record open and allow you to retain access to University facilities and resources.

If you are a student returning from a period of intermission, you’ll also need to register online at the start of the term you are returning to your studies in (i.e. Autumn, Spring or Summer Term). You’ll receive an email shortly before your expected return date, with instructions and information to assist you in returning to your studies.

When to register

All returning students expected to register will be sent an email inviting them to register once the system is open.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, you must complete your registration and ensure you have paid the required amount of your tuition fees, before attending classes and submitting work in the new academic year.

To ensure you don’t miss any vital teaching or assessment on your course, you should aim to complete registration and arrive on campus by no later than the start date for each term. For the academic year 2023-2024, these are as follows:

  • Autumn Term start date – Thursday 5 October 2023
  • Spring Term start date – Monday 15 January 2024
  • Summer Term start date – Monday 22 April 2024

Some courses may have start dates outside of the above, but where this is the case, you will be advised of this. Dates for future academic years can be viewed on our key dates page.

If you are a postgraduate research student, you will need to complete registration before undertaking any supervision or research in the new academic year. Please continue to liaise with your Departmental Administrator and Supervisor regarding your research schedule and the options available to you.

Returning students must register no later than the 28th day of the term you are returning to study in, to avoid being withdrawn from your course under Registration Regulation 5.4.

Students undertaking summer reassessment

If you have undertaken summer reassessment, for example in August or September, please be aware that you will not be able to access Online Registration until your results have been released by the Board of Examiners.

You can view details on how to access your results and their expected release dates on our Board of Examiners information page.

Please note, if the Board of Examiners offers you a number of progression choices, you will not be able to register until after you’ve confirmed your choice. There may be a short delay after making your choice and you being able to register, whilst we set up your student record to reflect your decision.

Right to Study Checks for returning students

In some instances, returning students will be required to undertake a Right to Study Check upon their return to campus. This may be the case for a range of reasons, including if you have immigration permissions to study in the UK and your documents have expired part way through your studies. Any students requiring a check will be blocked from being able to access Online Registration until their Right to Study Check has been completed. This is part of our compliance with UK Home Office immigration rules, to ensure all registered students have relevant immigration permissions to study with us.

You will be contacted by the International Services Team before the start of term, if you are required to complete a Right to Study Check on your return.

If you’re required to undertake a Right to Study Check, you’ll need to complete this in-person at your nearest Student Services Hub. Please note, during busy times, you may need to book an appointment to complete your check.

For further information on the types of documents you may need to bring to your Right to Study Check, please see our list of accepted ID documents at registration. If you have any questions or concerns regarding completing a Right to Study Check as a returning student, please contact our International Services Team.

Updating your details

It’s really important that we have up-to-date contact details for you, including your UK term time address and emergency contact details. You’ll be asked to check and update these as part of Online Registration each time you register, but if you need to amend these at any other point in the year, you can do so via MyEssex.

If you require immigration permissions to study with us, you must ensure that your UK address and contact details are up to date. To support you with this, our International Services Team will conduct checks of contact details throughout the academic year, to ensure these have been recently updated. Where information is missing or these haven’t been updated, you will be contacted and asked to update these.

Don’t forget - you must also inform others where your personal details change, including the Home Office.

Your Student Registration Card

As a returning student, your Student Registration Card will usually be valid for the entire duration of your studies.

However, if you are returning from intermission or are required to undertake reassessment that has extended the time you will be studying with us, you may need to obtain a new Student Registration Card with new dates on it. To obtain a new card, please visit your nearest Student Services Hub with your current card (there is no charge where your current card is returned). You will then be issued with an updated card for use during the remainder of your studies.

For any other replacements, for example if you have lost your card during the vacation or whilst on intermission, you will need to visit your nearest Student Services Hub to collect a replacement. Please be aware that lost cards incur a £5 charge for a replacement.

Your IT account

Your IT account (accessed via your username), will normally be accessible throughout the duration of your studies with us. However, if you cannot remember your password or just wish to change this, you can do this via our password change page.

If you experience any other difficulties accessing your IT account, please contact our IT Helpdesk.

Paying your tuition fees

How to pay

There are a number of ways you can pay your fees, but we recommend using the payment screens within Online Registration as the fastest method to ensure the University is in receipt of your fees, in time for you to begin your studies at the start of term.

If you are required to pay some or all of your tuition fees, you need to pay a minimum of the first instalment of your tuition fees as part of Online Registration. A tuition fee invoice from the University will be emailed to you for your records once you have completed registration. The invoice will confirm the tuition fees charged, the payment options (either in full or by instalments) and the dates the payment(s) must be made if paying by instalments. Further information is available in the Tuition fee payment and liability policy (.pdf). 

If you choose to make payment via a different method, for example via internal bank transfer, it is essential you make payment of your fees as early as possible and with enough time for these to clear and be in receipt with the University by the first day of term. This is important, as you will not be allowed to register if your fees haven’t been received.

If you are currently in debt and wish to register as a returner, you will need permission to do so. To request permission to register in debt, please complete the Register in Debt application form (.docx). Please be aware all requests are treated on a case by case basis and therefore approval cannot be guaranteed.

Student loans and grants

Undergraduate (UK/EEA) students

If you have an approved student loan you will receive information directly from the Student Loans Company during the summer.

If you are to receive a full tuition fee loan you will not be required to make a payment to the University. Online Registration should reflect this when you complete the ‘Fees Tile’.

If you have applied for a tuition fee loan, but it is still awaiting approval by the Student Loans Company at the time of registration, you should still complete Online Registration and commence your studies for the year.

If your loan has still not been approved by the time the tuition fee payments are due (as detailed in the invoice issued to you), then you will be liable for your tuition fees, as per the tuition fee payment and liability policy (.pdf). Where this is the case, payment will be required so you can continue your studies into the next term of study.

If your loan is then approved after you’ve made payment, the University will refund any payments you have made back to you.

If you experience any issues with Student Finance funding being approved and would like further advice, please contact


Postgraduate (UK/EEA) students

If you are in receipt of a Student Loans Company Masters Loan or Doctoral Loan, you can register without making payment providing your loan has been approved at the point you complete Online Registration.

Please note that as your loan is paid directly to you, you are liable to make payments to the University for your fees from this loan. For more information, please refer to our tuition fee liability policy (.pdf).  

If you need help

If you have any other problems registering, thee Student Services Hub can provide guidance. Alternatively, contact us using Live Chat.

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