Sustainability and Grounds team

The Sustainability and Grounds team oversees the University's Sustainability, Energy, Transport and Grounds activities. This covers everything from solar panels to 600 year old trees, rugby pitches and car parks.

Grounds team

The Grounds team maintains Wivenhoe Park, home to our Colchester Campus, along with our Loughton and Southend Campuses. The Grounds team aims to provide an attractive, clean and interesting setting with a sound, conservation-minded attitude to campus flora and fauna at the University. Maintenance is carried out to an agreed specification appropriate to the listed status of both the Colchester and Loughton Campuses.


We are committed to reducing the negative impact the University has on the local environment such as air quality, local congestion and to reduce the number of cars accessing the University. The University provides facilities and offers measures which promote healthy active travel to campus healthy active travel to campus healthy active travel to campus healthy active travel to campus such as walking, cycling and the use of public transport to encourage a shift from private car use. The University’s Travel Plan supports the Sustainability (.pdf) and Healthy University Sub strategies.

Sustainability and energy

The University's Sustainability team looks after environmental performance at the University of Essex.  We cover carbon management, energy, waste, water, sustainable procurement, transport and biodiversity. Our key target is to reduce CO2  emissions by 43% on 2005 levels by 2020.

We coordinate the Green Impact Green Impact Green Impact Green Impact and Student Switch Off sustainability engagement programmes. Addressing themes including waste, reuse and recycling, food, travel and transport and wellbeing, we encourage staff and students to adopt more environmentally-conscious and resource-efficient habits at our campuses. Additionally, we collaborate with departments across the University to support the adoption of sustainable practices.

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