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We are Sustainability

We have a dedicated team, in a broad range of roles, contributing to sustainable development across our campuses. We are committed to the promotion of sustainability to a variety of stakeholders, to conserve the local environment for our students, staff, the wider community and our resident wildlife.

In addition to our team, our representation and advocacy spans the whole University community – see more about our Climate and Ecological Emergency Advisory Group.

For all members of the University Steering Group (USG), acting as champions for, and providing leadership on, our ambitions for addressing our environmental impacts is included in their strategic priorities. 

Senior staff

Grounds team

The Grounds team maintains Wivenhoe Park, home to our Colchester Campus, along with our Loughton and Southend Campuses. The Grounds team aims to provide an attractive, clean and interesting setting with a sound, conservation-minded attitude to campus flora and fauna at the University. Maintenance is carried out to an agreed specification appropriate to the listed status of both the Colchester and Loughton Campuses.

Sustainability team

The University's Sustainability team looks after environmental performance at the University of Essex.  We cover carbon management, energy, waste, water, sustainable procurement, transport and biodiversity.


 Iain Farquharson

Area of sustainability: Travel, transport and energy

Sustainability (Energy and Transport) Manager, Estates and Campus Services

Iain manages and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of travel, transport and energy. He is responsible for all aspects of Travel and Transport at the University including EV charging points and sustainable travel. Iain also looks at how to reduce the Universitys carbon footprint by looking at low energy lighting and solar panels.

 Daisy Malt

Area of sustainability: Student and staff engagement

Sustainability (Environment and Recycling) Manager, Estates and Campus Services

Daisy manages the Engagement function of the Sustainability team, as well as wider strategic projects, including the management of the Sustainability Sub-Strategy and policies linked to improving waste reduction and recycling on our three campuses. Working with stakeholders and colleagues, her work contributes to embedding sustainable practices across the University community. She has worked at the University of Essex since 2016.

 Rebecca Moss

Area of sustainability: Student and staff engagement

Sustainability Engagement Officer, Estates and Campus Services

Rebecca is responsible for managing the Sustainable Essex and #LittleChoicesBigChanges engagement programmes, as well as working with departments across the University to help develop and promote their sustainable practices. She organises events and activities aimed at boosting sustainable behaviour both on and off campus, around themes including travel and transport, energy use, waste and recycling and resource efficiency.

 Lucy-Anna Harris

Area of sustainability: Administration and energy

Energy Officer, Estates and Campus Services

Lucy is responsible for collating data and verifying monthly utility usage and billing to produce reports on energy consumption across the University’s campuses. She also deals with enquiries and provides efficient office administrative support for all aspects of the Sustainability team’s work including energy, environment and transport activities.

 Rishab Godara

Area of sustainability: Energy and data analysis

Sustainability Analyst (data and funding), Estates and Campus Services

Rishab contributes to a range of areas in the Sustainability team, through the collation and analysis of multiple data streams from across the University’s activities, drawing meaningful conclusions and producing detailed reports. He also supports funding bids to internal and external funding bodies, contributing to the delivery of the University’s Sustainability Sub-Strategy and declaration of a Climate Emergency. He currently also undertakes much of the Energy Officer role, while Lucy is on maternity leave.

Dr Jane Hindley

Area of sustainability: Education for sustainability

Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History

Jane is the leading figure in the implementation of education for sustainability across the University. She also runs the annual Summer School in Sustainble Practice which is an intensive two week programme where students gain a broad introduction to sustainability theories and practices.

 Louise Buxton

Area of sustainability: Waste reduction and recycling

Contracts Manager, Estates and Campus Services

Louise is responsible for the day to day running of the waste management contract at the Colchester Campus. She is tasked with improving on-site recycling percentages

Travel and Transport team

The  University's Travel and Transport team look at reducing the negative impact the University has on the local environment such as air quality, local congestion and to reduce the number of cars accessing the University. The University provides facilities and offers measures which promote  healthy active travel to campus such as walking, cycling and the use of public transport to encourage a shift from private car use.

Centre for Environment and Society

The Centre for Environment and Society brings together world-leading staff and impact-focused sustainability to work on the social dimensions of sustainability challenges and solutions. The Centre is home to a number of staff from a variety of departments. The centre is committed to informing the global transition to a green economy which supports environmental well-being and social and economic justice. 

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