Meet the team

We are Sustainability

Below are all the staff at University of Essex whose work contributes to our commitments on sustainable development. We have representation from senior management to administration.

Professor Jules Pretty

Area of sustainability: Senior governance for sustainability

Deputy Vice-Chancellor/ Professor of Environment and Society, School of Biological Sciences

Jules is the figurehead for sustainability at the University of Essex. He acts as a mentor for the sustainability team while also being involved in project conception and support. Beyond this, Jules has conducted extensive research in the fields of agricultural sustainability, nature and health and consumption patterns and well-being.

 Rob Davey

Area of sustainability: Manager of the sustainability team

Head of Sustainability and Grounds, Estates and Campus Services

Rob is the Head of Sustainability and Grounds for the University and leads the Sustainability Team, covering Grounds Sustainability, Sustainability Engagement, Carbon Reduction, Transport and Travel.

 Daniel Dempsey

Area of sustainability: Carbon emissions reduction

Carbon Change Adviser, Estates and Campus Services

Dan oversees carbon management, energy and environmental performance at the University. Dan has a background in strategy, building energy performance and resource management.

 Daisy Malt

Area of sustainability: Student and staff engagement in sustainability

Sustainability Engagement Officer, Estates and Campus Services

Daisy is the Sustainability Engagement Officer, responsible for managing the Green Impact and #LittleChoicesBigChanges engagement programmes, as well as working with departments across the University to help develop and promote their sustainable practices. She organises events and activities aimed at boosting sustainable behaviour both on and off campus, around themes including travel and transport, energy use, waste and recycling and resource efficiency.

 Charlotte Humphries

Area of sustainability: Student and staff engagement in sustainability

Transport Policy Manager, Estates and Campus Services

Charlotte is responsible for introducing, implementing and maintaining sustainable transport initiatives to drive down car dependency and increase sustainable travel. She authored the University Travel Plan and is responsible for its oversight and implementation.

 Charles Ballardini

Area of sustainability: Student and staff engagement in sustainability

Sustainability Project Officer , Estates and Campus Services

Charles was brought into the team through an internship project aimed at reviewing the university’s current ethical and environmental performance. Since completion he is in the process of implementing his findings. Further to this, he has taken a versatile role in assisting other team members with sustainability projects.

 Benjamin Lawson

Area of sustainability: Waste reduction and recycling

Domestic Services Manager, Estates and Campus Services

Ben is responsible for the day to day running of the waste management contract at the Colchester Campus. He is tasked with improving on site recycling percentages via the improvement of the on-site waste processing infrastructure.

 Marcus Clayton

Area of sustainability: Biodiversity and species conservation

Grounds Manager , Estates and Campus Services

Marcus manages the Grounds section and is responsible for overseeing the actions to promote biodiversity across the University estate. This involves managing the landscape to provide healthy ecosystems and habitats and support the species found on the University's campuses. He is also responsible for minimising pesticide use, recycling plant and green waste material and ensuring the highest standards are met whilst carrying out horticultural and arboricultural practices.

Dr Jane Hindley

Area of sustainability: Education for Sustainability

Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History

Jane is the leading figure in the implementation of education for sustainability across the university. She also runs the annual Summer School in Sustainable Practice which is an intensive two week program where students gain a broad introduction to sustainability theories and practices.

Andrea Newlyn

Area of sustainability: Sustainable transport

Sustainability Administrator (Parking), Estates and Campus Services

The Sustainability (Parking) Administrator helps to deliver our Travel Plan and all our sustainable transport measures and administration of the parking management scheme.

Position vacant

Sustainability (Engagement) Assistant

Sustainability and Grounds, Estates and Campus Services

This post will assist in the engagement aspects if the University's sustainability and energy reduction work, to achieve a greater awareness and engagement of students and staff across the University 

Position vacant

Sustainability (Travel and Transport) Officer

Sustainability and Grounds, Estates and Campus Services

The post-holder will be responsible for overseeing and administering all aspects of Travel and Transport at the University.

Position vacant

Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability and Grounds, Estates and Campus Services

The post-holder will provide the Sustainability team with an efficient administrative support service for all aspects of the section including sustainability, energy, environment and transport.