Planning and Data Insight team

Planning and Data Insight creates, collects and shares information and understanding to help the University achieve its goals. We work as a team, collaboratively with others, to provide clear, consistent and trusted knowledge.

Specific responsibilities

The specific responsibilities of Planning and Data Insight include:

  • supporting the University’s Strategic Plan and new academic planning process, including the monitoring of progress against University KPIs and departmental plans
  • integrating data from a wide range of internal and external sources benchmarking University performance relating to education and research
  • working with others across the University to enhance the quality, scope and accessibility of University management information
  • undertaking analysis of a wide range of University data to inform policy and strategy in areas such as widening access, student retention, admissions, and employability
  • external statutory student data returns and related public information
  • leading the preparation of student numbers forecasts and planning models, and integrating student numbers into budget planning
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Planning and Data Insight team