Statutory data returns and reporting

The Planning and Data Insight Team are responsible for compiling and submitting a range of data returns. We work with the colleagues from across the University to ensure high quality data is returned to regulatory agencies including the Office forStudents (OfS), Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and GovernmentEqualities Office. These include:

  • HESA Data Futures student return. This is the primary student data return which all UK HE providers are required to submit. It provides the data for OfS regularity compliance, league tables, National Student Survey, the Teaching Excellence Framework and a number of other uses.
  • HESA Staff Record. The primary staff data return, for all staff that are employed in UK HE. This collects individualised data on personal characteristics of staff and details of their contracts.
  • Higher Education Students Early Survey (HESES). This data collection provides the OfS with an early and forecasted view of the numbers of students in UK HE. The data returned is used by the OfS to calculate teaching and student support funding allocations.
  • Discover Uni (Unistats), HESA Provider Profile, and the HESA Aggregate Offshore Record.
  • Our Gender Pay Gap return is submitted annually to the Government Equalities Office via the Gender Pay Gap Service. This reports on the mean and median gender pay gap for University of Essex Staff at the annual census point.

If you have a specific query, please contact us.

The HESA Data Futures and Staff returns include personal data. For information on how this data is stored and used, please see the HESA Data Protection pages and the University's Privacy Policy.

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