University partnerships

We are committed to appealing to a broad student market through a wide range of provision and work closely with partner institutions to develop and maintain high quality and accessible learning opportunities, in the UK and internationally.

Partnership activity

Types of partnership activities

We offer many forms of partnership arrangement and have several types in place with our current partners.

Our partner institutions

Our partner institutions

We have partnerships with institutions in the UK and internationally.

Kaplan Singapore

Through our partnership with Kaplan Singapore, we offer a number of Essex Business School, Psychology and School of Sport, Rehabilitation, and Exercise Sciences courses in Singapore.

Northwest University

A double degree programme in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering is available in partnership with Northwest University, China.

Setting up a new partnership

Our approach to new partnerships

The establishment of new academic partnership arrangements or link agreements, both in the UK and internationally, follows a set approval process and operating framework.

Approval process for academic partnerships

Find out about the process of setting up an academic partnership.

Approval process for link agreements

Find out about the process of setting up a link agreement.

Oversight of partnerships

Our oversight processes

Our Partnerships team manages the University's partnership activity in conjunction with the Dean and Deputy Dean of Partnerships.

Partnership formal meetings and reporting

Find out about the formal meetings and reporting that take place with our partners.

Partnership institutional review

Find out about the institutional review that place with our partner institutions.

Partnership course review

Find out about the ongoing monitoring process of courses.

Existing partner and students information

Information for partners

Information covering the framework for the approval, monitoring and review procedures for UK and international academic partnerships.

Information for students at partner institutions

Student involvement and feedback is a vital part of our University's approach to quality assurance and enhancement.