Working flexibility

Flexible working

Essex is committed to helping staff maintain a work/life balance with our Flexible Working Policy.

Hybrid working

Hybrid working key principles

Our commitment to hybrid working is underpinned by core principles that ensure we can realise the benefits of this approach.

About hybrid working

Information and resources relating to hybrid working and managing a hybrid working team.

Hybrid working guidance

Information to support you in the practical implementation of hybrid working.

Your SWAE laptop: Guidance on care, use, and handling

Guidance on proper laptop care and maintenance to help ensure your laptop continues to support you in your work for as long as possible.

SWAE equipment (Smart Working At Essex)

Information about using and getting IT equipment through the Smart Working At Essex (SWAE) programme.

Hybrid working: Smart Working At Essex (SWAE) programme

To aid staff members participating in the SWAE pilot programme there are a series of support pages that provide useful guidance and resources for working in shared office areas.

Working from home

This guide is focused on practical tips and guides to support you during a period where you may be working from home.

Email - good practice guidelines

Important points to consider before you send an email.