Academic standards and quality

We value the highest academic and professional standards and aim to be internationally recognised for the quality of teaching, learning facilities and educational experience offered to students.

Quality framework and regulations

Quality assurance and enhancement

Information and guidance about quality assurance and enhancement.

Approval and reporting structures

These are designed to ensure information is scrutinised by the appropriate experts and representatives from across the University.

Annual summary of academic policy decisions

The summary of academic policy decisions is prepared principally for the benefit of Heads of Department/School, relevant Centre Directors and for Departmental Administrators.

External regulation and monitoring

The University must ensure it meets the standards as outlined by external, independent regulators in order to operate as a provider of higher education.

Course design and development

Course design, approval and modification

Advice is offered by teams across the University on the various aspects of new course and module approval, from initial development, through to ongoing review and enhancements.

Teaching, learning and assessment overviews

Teaching, learning and assessment overviews provide information about approaches within the department and cover each level of provision, all modes of delivery and both assessment and reassessment.

New courses

The University has a risk-management approach to the approval of new degree courses and awards. The intensity of scrutiny is determined largely by the volume of new curriculum.

New modules

Proposals for new modules on existing courses should be submitted in line with the annual update deadlines. New modules designed as part of a new course proposal should be incorporated into that approval process.

Making changes to courses and modules

All courses and modules are updated annually as part of the ongoing cycle of monitoring and review.

Course design validation

New courses are considered via a Validation Panel where they are in a new curriculum area, involve a significantly new method of delivery or external collaboration, or require validation to meet an external organisation’s requirements.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning within a course or module should be considered as part of the normal approval process, following consideration of the University’s guidance on work-based and placement learning.

Annual and Periodic Reviews

Annual Review of Courses

The Annual Review of Courses provides a summary of all developmental activity undertaken and planned by a department in relation to a course/group of courses.

Preparation and writing the Annual Review of Courses

Guidance on how to prepare and write the Annual Review of Courses.

Periodic Review of Courses

This formal process evaluates a course or group of related courses to assure the continuing quality of provision in the department.

Preparation and writing for the Periodic Review

Guidance on how to prepare and write for the Periodic Review.

Periodic Review event and outcome

The Periodic Review event concentrates on the review and re-approval of courses and considers any recommendations and areas of good practice.

External Examiners

External Examiner nomination

Heads of Department are responsible for nominating External Examiners.

External Examiner roles and responsibilities

Detailed description of External Examiners' role and responsibilities.

External Examiner nomination criteria

Details of the External Examiner nomination criteria

Preparation for the External Examiner role

Detailed description of preparation for the External Examiner role.

Report submission (University of Essex)

Information about using the External Examiner Portal to report submissions for the University of Essex.

Report submission (partner institutions)

Information for partner institution External Examiners on report submissions.

External Examiner fees and expenses

Information about fees and expenses payments for External Examiners.

Termination of External Examiner contract

A contract with an External Examiner will be terminated in the event of a failure to fulfil the role or a conflict of interest.

Student representation and feedback

Student feedback and representation

Student feedback is a vital part of the University's approach to quality assurance and enhancement.

Student surveys

The University and external bodies regularly conduct surveys to list to the voice of our students.

Student Module Feedback

Guidance primarily for departmental administrative staff on how to manage module evaluations through the current Student Module Feedback process.

Student Voice Groups

Student Voice Groups provide an arena for students to discuss with staff issues connected to teaching, learning and student support.

Student Handbooks

Student Handbooks

Student Handbooks contain information students may need on academic procedures, teams they may need to contact and the way things work in their department.

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