All new modules must be approved by the University prior to their delivery.

The information collected as part of the approval process ensures that new modules align with University standards and policies, that modules can be advertised accurately, and that modules are available via online systems ready for students to enrol on them.

The department putting forward the proposal is responsible for ensuring that the submission addresses all relevant issues. 


New modules on existing courses

Proposals for new modules on existing courses should be submitted in line with deadlines for the annual update of modules and courses.  Proposals can be submitted at other times of the year, as long as they are in advance of the final deadline for the annual update.

New modules on new courses

New modules designed as part of a new course proposal should be incorporated into the approval process and documentation for the new course, and should account for deadlines for the course start.

Information required for new module proposals

The module proposal form (.docx) contains the information needed for approval to be considered and for the module to be published online once approved.

For any modules that include work-based learning or distance learning, please also provide the relevant additional information:

Further information is also required for apprenticeships.  This is requested at course-level, but please indicate on the module forms where the module links to an apprenticeship and contact the Apprenticeship team to discuss the course and module development.

Submitting proposals and approval

All proposals must be authorised by the Head of Department before submitting.

  • New module proposals on existing courses should be sent to the relevant Quality and Academic Development Manager (via
  • Proposals for new modules on existing courses are considered by the Faculty Executive or Deputy Dean.
  • New module proposals which are part of new courses should be submitted with the new course documentation.
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