Annual summary of academic policy decisions

The Academic Section produces a summary of academic policy decisions. This includes policy decisions taken by Senate and Committees of Senate.

The Summary is prepared principally for the benefit of Heads of Department/School, relevant Centre Directors and for Departmental Administrators. For further details of academic policy decisions, please refer to the relevant committee minutes and papers, or contact the committee's secretary.

Interim Summary of Academic Policy Decisions are updated throughout the academic year following each meeting of Senate (usually November, January, April and June) and cover decisions made by Senate and committees of Senate. Senate discusses a range of items and where no decisions pertaining to academic policy were made at a particular meeting, this will be indicated on the Summary.
The full Summary of Academic Policy Decisions is published following the final meeting of Senate in an academic year and an archive of Summaries is held in perpetuity on the Quality and Academic Development webpages.

Archive summaries

*From 1998-99 - 2005-06 this included policy decisions taken from the Academic Standards Committee and the Senate in the relevant term.

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