Student feedback and representation

Student feedback is a vital part of the University's approach to quality assurance and enhancement. It is therefore important that students are given the opportunity to feedback and that they take the time to feedback. This is done in a variety of ways.

Student Representatives

Student Representatives provide a voice for undergraduate and postgraduate students at course level by feeding back at Student Voice Groups (SVGs), formerly Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), and giving the department the opportunity to enhance the student experience. The Student Representatives policy (.pdf) explains in further detail the role of student representation in departments and on different University committees.

The Students' Union also provide information on the student representative roles and links to student representative contact details.

Student Module Feedback

Student Module Feedback is carried out every year. The current methodology used is Student Assessment of Modules and Teaching (SAMT)*, and all registered students have the opportunity to take part in the survey. The outcomes of SAMT are summarised and reviewed by SVGs, and inform Annual Review of Course reports. Departments also let students know what action was taken in response to previous surveys before they complete their own.

* SAMT takes place every year with effect from 2014/15. Prior to this, the survey took place every three years as a minimum for existing modules, and within the first two years for new or significantly revised modules, although many departments sought feedback more frequently.

QUAD have developed an Engagement Toolkit in consultation with Student Voice, to support all departments to enhance engagement with Student Module Feedback surveys. This resource could be particularly useful for departments experiencing inconsistent response rates.

Student Voice Groups (SVGs)

Student Voice Groups (SVGs), formerly Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), provide an opportunity for course representatives to feedback on behalf of their fellow peers on areas of good practice and areas that need to be improved.

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