Approval process for academic partnerships

The process below applies to all types of academic partnershiptypes of academic partnershiptypes of academic partnership. The Partnerships team should be contacted for advice prior to submitting any proposal to form a new academic partnership.

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Process in full

Process summary

Stage 1: Strategic and business aspects

An initial evaluation of the strategic, financial and legal/contractual aspects of the partnership must be undertaken in order to establish a prima facie case for moving to stage two. This initial evaluation will include:

  • an assessment of the benefits and risks of the proposal to our University and alignment with our strategic aims
  • due diligence to ensure that the organisation is reputable, financially sound, and has the legal capacity to enter into a contractual arrangement
  • an outline business case

Stage 2: Academic and quality assurance aspects

Once strategic approval has been granted, a full evaluation of the academic and quality assurance aspects of the proposal will be undertaken via an institutional validation process.

Guidance notes and forms

If you have any problems accessing the documents, then please contact the Partnerships Team.

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