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Partnerships team

The Partnerships Team manages the University’s educational partnerships, with responsibilities assigned to team members. Any questions should be directed to a member of the team.

Team member Responsibilities

Claire Nixon, Deputy Director of Academic Services (Quality and Development)

  • Quality and Academic Development

  • Partnerships

  • International Collaborations and Mobility

  • Essex Abroad

Rachel Frost, Senior Partnerships Manager

  • Management of the Partnerships Team

  • Management of the Essex Abroad Team

Jemma Baker, Partnerships Manager (Development and Oversight)

(currently on maternity leave)


Wendy Brown, Partnerships Manager (Development and Oversight)

(secondment covering Jemma Baker's maternity leave)

  • North West University

  • New UK/international partnership developments

  • Oversight of Team Partnerships

  • Partnership compliance requirements

Danny O'Missenden, Partnerships Manager (Development and Oversight)   
  • Hong Kong University SPACE 
  • LLB English and French Laws (covering Roisin Dunne)
  • New UK/international partnership developments
  • Oversight of Team Partnerships
  • Partnership approval and governance arrangements
  • South Essex College (covering Roisin Dunne)
  • University of Suffolk (covering Roisin Dunne)
  • Writtle University College (covering Roisin Dunne)

Charlotte Strohm, Partnerships Manager (Development and Oversight)

  • Kaplan International Pathways 

  • New UK/international partnership developments

  • Oversight of Team Partnerships 

Clare Alexander, Partnerships Manager  
  • Kaplan Open Learning

  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

  • Partnerships Education Committee 

Roisin Dunne, Partnerships Manager

(currently on maternity leave)

Vaughan McKee, Partnerships Manager

(covering Wendy Brown while on secondment)

  • Kaplan Singapore partnership

  • Northwest University

  • Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (covering Roisin Dunne)

Dawn Mott, Partnerships Manager

  • Colchester Institute

  • Chulalongkorn University

  • Kaplan International Pathways

Charlotte Frost, Partnerships Officer 

(currently on maternity leave)

  • Due Diligence for new and existing partnerships
  • Support for new and current partnerships
  • Partnerships Education Committee support
  • Incoming partnerships visits

Owen Leate, Partnerships Assistant  

  • Support for partnerships activity

Prof. Dominic Micklewright, Dean of Partnerships


Prof. Nancy Kula, Deputy Dean of Partnerships


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