National Money Events

National Student Money Week

National Student Money Week 2021 takes place between 22 and 26 February and is the biggest money awareness week of the year! This annual campaign helps to bring free money advice to students across the UK and this year we’re focusing on ways you can manage your finances to ‘expect the unexpected so you can save for a brighter day’.

Visit the National Student Money Week website for more information and advice. #NSMW21

Our support teams across the University have arranged a series of events giving you the opportunity to learn how to manage your money effectively covering budgeting, job search tips, accommodation advice, savings and much much more!

Get involved

We have plenty of virtual events planned throughout the week with plenty of £200 Amazon vouchers to be snapped up! You can register all of the events on the University Events or SU What’s On booking pages.

Monday 22 February 2021

Taking control of your job search Webinar (Careers Services)
  • 11am-11:45am (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

We will look at how to take a more targeted approach to your job search, from identifying growth sectors, searching more efficiently online to tapping into the hidden job market. This session will help re-focus your job search, help you to get organised and build confidence.

Spending habits and budgeting Webinar (Funding Team)
  • 3pm-4pm - (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

Find out how you can budget wisely, build a budget plan and spend your money in the most efficient ways as a student. We'll be providing some helpful tips that you can put into practice straight away and will make a difference to your bank balance.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Financial planning in COVID times (Blackbullion)
  • 3pm-4pm (prizes to be won!)

Find out more about:

  • What is a recession and why is one coming: understanding the impact of macro events on your life.
  • Assessing your current financial situation: how to work out where you are and how to get where you want.
  • Develop financial goals: how to set your personal, big-picture objectives.

Blackbullion have put together a super useful free e-book on financial wellbeing.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Sources of help and support Webinar (Funding Team)
  • 11am-11:45am (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

Find out where you can get help and support about funding and money from different teams at the Essex. You may know some of the obvious ones, but there is a lot more on offer to help you than you think!

Thursday 25 February 2021 

SU Advice housing Webinar (SU Advice)
  • 1pm-2pm (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

Get key information and top tips about renting in the private sector; students’ rights and responsibilities; information about the Tenant Fees Act 2019 and how to have the best chance of getting your deposit back at the end of your tenancy.

Building financial resilience (Blackbullion)
  • 3pm-4pm (Prizes to be won!)

Find out how to:

  • Develop a strong foundation to withstand any financial situation life throws at you.
  • Budget like a boss: why the B-word is the most important word.
  • Getting out of debt: because that’s where your power will be.
  • Saving for investment: the basis of building wealth.
  • Practical steps for turbulent times: preparing for the unexpected.

Blackbullion have put together a super useful free e-book on financial wellbeing.

Friday 26 February 2021

Money, mental health and wellbeing (Funding Team)
  • 11am-11:45am (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing can be a real struggle when it comes to finances and money. Here we look at how money worries can impact you and the steps that you can take to overcome your struggles with help from our key support teams across the University.

Pizza cookalong activity (SU)
  • 10am – 4pm (£200 Amazon voucher to be won!)

Pick up your free pizza ingredients from the SU Bar Colchester or use your own ingredients at home and follow the how-to video on our social media to make your own “Fake-away” pizza. Money may be tight, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out! Making a pizza is simple, fun, delicious and less than a quarter of the price of a takeaway.

All week

Some events are running all week!

Funding Drop-In Sessions

You can register for one of our Funding Drop-In Sessions to ask any questions you have or seek financial advice.

Take part in our Student Money Quiz

See how much you know about student money and be in with a chance to win a £200 Amazon voucher! The quiz will be run all week closing at 4:30pm on Friday 26 February 2021. The winner will be announced on Monday 1 March 2021 via social media and email.

Digital Bootcamp Competition

Join the 3-day email learning bootcamp to get your finances in shape to withstand any storm. You’ll learn about building an emergency pot, insurance and other essentials.

  • Start With an Emergency Fund - Types of Unexpected Expenses, How to build an emergency fund, How big should my emergency fund be? Tech/tools to help you manage this.
  • What about insurance? - How do insurances work, What type of insurance, Tips- shop around, find best deal etc.
  • How to prepare your finances for the unexpected - stay out of debt, save regularly, know where to go for help.

Completion of the bootcamp will ensure automatic entry into the prize draw to win £250 emergency cash (x4 to be won) or a one-to-one sessions with an independent financial adviser.

Blackbullion have put together a super useful free e-book on financial wellbeing.

Other support, advice and guidance

We also offer plenty of advice, guidance and support that you can access at any time with the help from our support teams across the University.


Check out our webpages and top tips to help you manage your money throughout your studies and beyond.


Everyone has mental health – sometimes good, sometimes not so good and when it comes to finances, they can cause some real anxieties and worries.

If you're experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, there is help available at the University, take a look at the support you can access.


The world has moved online, so why hasn’t your job profiling? This month’s Careers Services Blog covers the world of online recruitment and how we can no longer rely on CVs alone. Here's Hannah from Creative Quills with her take on how an effective online profile can provide successful results

Also join Steve and Caroline on Episode 7 of the Careers Services Podcast where they discuss the benefits of getting part-time work. Yes, money is one of them! However there are more that might not be immediately obvious.


The Sustainability Team will be posting money saving tips all week on their social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok) covering various topics, don’t forget to check them out!

  • Food waste
  • Travel
  • Energy
  • Shopping
  • Easy swaps

Financial support

To help students who have been financially impacted by COVID-19, we’ve put together some helpful information about financial guidance during COVID-19. You can also check the other financial support available from UoE and external partners. If you have any queries, please contact us.

External agencies support

External agencies also share useful resources that may help with your financial planning whilst at university. It is worth giving these a read throughout the week:

  • UCAS detail ten things you need to know about saving money whilst at university – from managing an overdraft, making the most of student deals to checking if you’re covered by your parents’ home insurance - these savvy tips will help you save money if you are living away from home.
  • Save the Student share a comprehensive list of 83 practical ways to save money as a student, showing how easy it is to get discounts and freebies when you know where to look.
  • The Money Saving Expert is always a good website to check for all your finance needs. This article gives advice on how to financially prepare before you go to university.
  • Read the new edition of Student Money Matters magazine with lots of tips to help you stay finance savvy.
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Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.