Your responsibilities and immigration conditions

If you have been issued with a University of Essex CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), you will have additional responsibilities to us and to the Home Office throughout your course. As an Essex student you must adhere to all University Regulations which include Immigration Status requirements.

It is important that as well as progressing academically, you attend and engage and continue to meet all the rules, requirements and conditions of your immigration permission. Make sure you understand what you must do to maintain your UK immigration status so you can complete your studies as planned. Read all our immigration and visas guidance and the UKCISA guidance about protecting your immigration status. Seek advice from us if you need to.

Conditions of your student immigration permission

Your student immigration permission will be subject to certain conditions which you must adhere to throughout your visa. You must inform the Home Office if you have been given incorrect conditions. You’ll have study and work restrictions and can’t claim public funds, some students have to have an ATAS certificate. Read the UKCISA guidance to find out more about the conditions of your visa and our Student route outcome page.

Breaching the conditions of your immigration permission

If you do not comply with the conditions of your visa you may be considered to be in breach and there could be very serious consequences for you, your UK immigration status and any future immigration applications. You will also put the University’s Student Sponsor status at risk and may not be able to complete your course as planned.

If you are concerned that you may have breached (broken) the conditions of your visa please contact SU Advice immediately for independent, confidential advice.