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Health and safety news and bulletins

Latest news

  • Updated Individual Health Risk Assessment (IHRA) guidance and Self-isolation guidance: Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing have updated important guidance documentation for completing Individual Health Risk Assessments and also Self-isolation guidance that will be in effect on 16 August 2021. Please read our 17 August bulletin (.pdf) to learn more about these changes and what action you need to take.
  • Display Screen Equipment - annual reminder: Each year staff members are required to review or complete a DSE self-assessment. Please read our 25 February bulletin (.pdf) to find out details about this process and what action you need to take.


Health and safety bulletins are short communications designed to keep you up to date with information you need to manage health and safety or work safely. They are issued as and when required.




Training and events

Good practice



Safety alert

Categories of action

The following categories of action are used to help you decide what to do in response to the bulletin:

  • For information (with a green banner). These do not require specific action, but may need you to review health and safety practice
  • For action (with amber banner). These are issued when you need to take specific action and may include a date by which action needs to be taken.
  • Urgent (with red banner). These are used to inform you about serious health and safety risks for which urgent action needs to be taken.

Categories of bulletin

Bulletins are categorised and shown in the bottom right-hand corner of each bulletin.

  • Policy - University requirement
  • Committee - notification/actions arising from Health and Safety Committee
  • Good practice - notifying about anything relating to improving health and safety practice
  • Safety alert - accident, prosecution, civil claim or safety hazard which signifies need to review practice
  • Consultation - we want your feedback on new health and safety standards
  • Training - advertising new training opportunities
  • Event - advertising upcoming events
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