Graduation gown hire

You need to hire your academic robe, hood and mortar board/cap from the University’s official gowning company, Graduate Gowning Company. The booking system opens in November.

We strongly advise you book your gown in advance as it will cost more if you hire it on the day of Graduation.

  • Advanced orders (online) - £45
  • Hire on the day - £52

Dress Code

Graduation is a formal ceremony and as such smart attire must be worn. Any graduand who does not comply with the dress code may not be admitted to the ceremony. Graduands can wear what they feel fits their gender identity and expression best underneath their gowns as long as it is ‘smart attire’. Denim, t-shirts, trainers, flip-flops and other items of casual clothing are not deemed appropriate for Graduation events.

National dress

International students who would like to wear their own national dress are very welcome to do so along with the gown, hood and mortar board/cap.


During the ceremony you will be required to walk up and down stairs within the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall to be presented to the Chancellor or Presiding Officer. We strongly recommend that you wear comfortable footwear. If you are wearing high heels please ensure that you feel comfortable wearing them in order to walk up and down stairs. It is recommended that you bring a pair of flat shoes so that you can change into them if you have problems.

Wheelchair users

If you are a wheelchair user, the gowning company may be able to alter a gown so that it is easier for you to wear. Please contact Graduate Gowning Company direct to discuss further.


If you have ordered and paid for your gown and then find you are unable to attend your ceremony, please contact Graduate Gowning Company direct to see if you are eligible for a refund.

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