Information sharing between the University and the Students’ Union

The University of Essex and its Students' Union (SU) are each registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner as data controllers. This statement sets out the circumstances under which personal data about individuals may be shared between the University and the SU. In general there are three main reasons for sharing information: statistical monitoring, administration of SU membership and elections, and student conduct.

Statistical monitoring

The University and the SU work together on a range of projects with the aim of improving student experience and student outcomes. In order to support these projects statistical data relating to a range of student activities may be shared.

This data will be fully anonymised and will not allow individuals to be identified from it.

Administration of membership and elections

The University has an obligation to ensure that the SU operates in a fair and democratic manner, and this includes ensuring that all eligible students are able to become members of the SU. When students register at the University details are passed automatically to the SU enable provision of access to the Union and its services, as well as enabling the University to fulfil its legal obligation to support the operation of a fair and democratic Students’ Union.

The University shares with the SU name, course, department, study dates and related information.

Students are able to opt out of SU membership by collecting a form from University or SU reception.

Student conduct

The University and the SU work together to ensure that our campuses are safe for everyone. Although the University owns land and premises the SU operates and is responsible for various outlets, and in particular is the licensee for licensed premises on campus.

Where an individual is banned from campus or from accessing specific services or facilities on campus, that information will be shared as necessary for the enforcement of the ban. The Security Team and the University Proctor may share information from time to time with the SU where it is necessary to uphold the code of conduct.

Further information

Concerns about use of personal data or with data sharing can be raised with the Chief Executive at the SU or with the University’s Information Manager

To see a copy of information held about you by the University contact the information Manager

To see a copy of information held about you by the Students’ Union contact

Statement written: March 2014
Agreed by: Steve Haugh, Director of Marketing and Strategy, Students’ Union, Sara Stock, Information Manager, University of Essex
Due for review: March 2017

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