Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

The University aims to assist any person who may have difficulty in evacuating any of its buildings in the event of an emergency such as a fire. These difficulties could arise from permanent, long term or temporary reasons. Although not exhaustive, the following is a guide as to what may be relevant:

  • Mobility impairment ranging from strains and sprains through use of walking aid and wheelchair; most relevant are problems using stairs, travelling distances or opening doors
  • Visual or hearing problems, in particular not becoming aware that a fire alarm has actuated or being able to follow directions (signs or verbal)
  • Dexterity issues which may cause difficulty opening doors
  • Cognitive problems or learning difficulties; those relevant would be such as panic attacks or difficulty in following or comprehending instructions

Staff and students or relevant managers / tutors must make the Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing team aware if a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan is required. Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing team will complete an evacuation plan with the person requiring a PEEP. 


Creating your evacuation plan

If you believe you may have difficulty during emergency evacuations of University buildings, you should complete one of the PEEP forms below. Your details will be administered on a completely confidential basis, even protecting anonymity if required. Your PEEP document will be reviewed by one of our fire safety advisors, who will contact you either to confirm your PEEP arrangements or to discuss your PEEP needs with you.

Each form contains generic PEEP arrangements that apply to most disabilities. Where necessary further adjustments will be tailored to the individual and could include physical assistance, technical aids, more suitable accommodation and training. We will attempt to take into account all areas you frequent, whether for work or social activity (although please note that if you live in the Copse, Meadows or Quays you will need to contact ULiving / DerwentFM regarding a PEEP for your accommodation).

PEEP forms

To begin the process of completing a PEEP please complete one of the following forms (Essex users only) and send it to

A copy of your PEEP will be kept by the Health and Safety Advisory Service for as long as it is required. Relevant details may be passed to others, but only if considered necessary. If your condition changes or you no longer need a PEEP, please contact us to arrange an update to, or removal of, your PEEP record.

If you wish to discuss your PEEP you can contact a fire safety advisor (contact details below).

Staff may also contact Equality and Diversity on 3507 or by emailing Students may contact Student Services Hub.

If you are a student living in the Meadows, Copse or Quays, please inform your accommodation provider, who will carry out a PEEP for your accommodation.

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