Occupational Health team

The Occupational Health Service aims to:

  • prevent work-related ill health
  • facilitate rehabilitation and return to work following periods of illness or injury
  • promote physical and mental health and wellbeing

Occupational Health actively promotes and maintains good health in the University workplace as well as providing support when health issues occur.

Our responsibilities

Our occupational health services are tailored to the health needs of staff and the potential hazards at work. We utilise various forms of health assessment including health questionnaires, consultation with the Occupational Health Advisor or physician:

  • at the start of employment
  • for staff exposed to specific health hazards at work (health surveillance)
  • when injury or ill health results in absence from work
  • to resolve work issues related to a disability or medical condition

We offer advice and information on:

  • the management of health problems at work, including reasonable work adjustments
  • rehabilitation and return to work plans following significant periods of sickness absence
  • correct posture for keyboard work
  • eyesight testing arrangements for staff who work with computers
  • promotion of health and wellbeing at work
  • arrangements for the provision of first aid throughout the University
  • legal responsibilities to protect the health of staff at work
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Occupational Health team
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