Academic offences appeals

Students have the right to appeal against any formal decision made about an academic offence. However, there are very strict grounds upon which an appeal can be made.

You may only appeal if you have valid grounds and you must do so within 10 days of receiving written confirmation of the penalty.

Valid grounds for appeal 

You can appeal against an academic offence penalty if you have valid grounds. These are:

  • there is new evidence which, for good reason, was not previously available and which might have materially affected the outcome
  • the Academic Offences Procedures (.pdf) have not been followed correctly and this disadvantaged your case
  • there is evidence of prejudice and/or bias during the procedures
  • on the balance of probabilities, the facts of the case did not justify the decision that you have committed an academic offence
  • the penalty imposed was unreasonable with regard to all the circumstances of the case

How to appeal 

  • University of Essex students: download and complete the Academic Offences Appeal form (.docx) and email it to
  • Students at partner institutions: contact your education provider or visit their website in order to obtain and submit the form.

You must provide all the evidence that you have in relation to the appeal. You will not normally be permitted to submit further evidence after the submission of the Academic Offences Appeal form.

What happens after I appeal?

Appeals are considered by a Faculty Dean that has not previously considered the case. If the Dean agrees that the appeal has grounds, then the matter will be considered by an Appeals Committee which you will be invited to attend.

Once an Appeals Committee has considered the case, they may rescind or amend the penalty or may agree to uphold the original decision.

Help and support 

If you have an academic offence allegation made against you, help and support is available to you.

SU Advice can help you get a better understanding of the Academic Offences Procedures (.pdf) and also help you understand your rights and prepare your response in the meeting.

The Student Services Hub can direct you to the Student Progress Team that can advise you on the Academic Offences Procedures, or to any other relevant support and wellbeing services that may be required.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you have a disability or an ongoing medical condition, and you are having difficulties in taking part in these procedures, then we can also consider making individual arrangements for you. To find out if this is available for you, please contact the Student Wellbeing and Disability Service via the Student Services Hub.

Two woman talking at a helpdesk
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.