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What to consider if you're thinking of changing course

If you are considering changing course, there are some practical things that you need to consider before you change your course. There is different information for postgraduate research students.

Research your options

You should discuss your thoughts about changing course with someone in your school/department/centre. If your new course is in a different department, you should also speak to someone in that department.

Investigate your potential new course by looking at the course information, talking to students on the course and speaking to tutors. You should also look at our Rules of Assessment for the new course to check whether there are any course-specific requirements.

Academic concerns

If you are considering changing course due to academic worries with your current course you might find it useful to seek academic support before changing course.


Student Finance

These notes are for general guidance only and the information which is based on the Student Support Regulations, is subject to amendment from time to time. It is therefore essential that you contact Student Finance England to discuss your individual case.

This information applies to you if you are a Home or EU student in receipt of tuition fee loans to pay your tuition fees. You may be transferring to a different course at this University (internal transfer) or to a different course at another institution (external transfer).

Student Finance will require written confirmation from the University that an internal transfer has been approved on academic grounds the day before the start of the second year of the original course. It will not normally be possible for an academic transfer to be approved if you have been required to withdraw from the University, or if both courses have the same JACS code. Please note that Student Finance may be unwilling to transfer your award if you have been required to withdraw from your original course of study.

If you are transferring to another institution, your new institution is responsible for giving Student Finance confirmation that your transfer has been approved on academic grounds.


If you are an overseas student transferring from a classroom-based course to a laboratory-based course, the tuition fee will be considerably higher than you currently pay as these courses involve much higher costs. 

For UK and EU students all courses have the same tuition fee amount.

Find out more and get advice about funding or contact the Student Services Hub.

Support arrangements

If you have specific support arrangements in place you will need to notify your Student Services Hub of your course change. Your hub may need to contact your new department to arrange the support you require.

Tier 4 students

Your Tier 4 leave allows you to study the Essex course detailed on your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). It’s not always possible for a Tier 4 student to make changes to their course because of the Home Office rules and guidance.

Our International Services team will check the Tier 4 rules and guidance in force at the time you make your request and you’ll receive guidance via email. Please read our immigration information and contact our International Services team via the ‘ask us a question’ section if you need to.

If you have any queries about immigration contact our International Services Team.

Student Services Hub
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.