Room inventories

We want you to have a wonderful stay here at Essex and to enjoy living in your new home. We have provided all the necessary furnishings in your room to make your stay comfortable and to help with your studies.

To ensure all the furnishings remain in good condition we have a rolling programme of refurbishments and we check your room to ensure everything is in order prior to you moving in. We will also perform room inspections during the year to review the condition of the furniture in your room.

Reporting repairs

  • Check your room and communal areas when you arrive and report anything that needs repairing
  • Report any repairs that are needed during your stay

If damage occurs which is due to wear and tear we will repair or replace the item. If you report a repair that is not due to wear and tear you may be charged for the repair or replacement of the item. You may be charged for any repairs noted by staff at the end of your licence period that you have not reported. Please note that an administration fee of £20 will also be applied for each invoice produced.

Furniture costs

Furniture in your accommodation varies depending on the area you are living. Listed below are the types of furniture that we provide and the cost of replacing each item (including VAT).

 Bed - up to £290 Desk - up to £183  Shower curtain - up to £14 
 Mattress - up to £102  Desk Chair - up to £124  Curtains / blinds - up to £115
 Bedside cabinet - up to £86  Shelving Unit - up to £122  Mirror - up to £57
 Easy Chair - up to £135  Carpet - up to £350  Bin - up to £6
 Headboard - up to £143 Noticeboard - up to £57  Wardrobe - up to £450
 Bathroom Cupboard - up to £73  Re-Paint walls - up to £250  Dining Table - up to £170
 Dining Chair - up to £55  Sofa - up to £500  

Remember - items of furniture vary between accommodation areas.
student talking to support staff
Contact us

For enquiries about accommodation or about an application you're making, contact us at the Student Services Hub. Quote your full name and PRID or PG number on all correspondence.