Cycling facilities at Colchester Campus

Re-Cycle (Dr Bike)

Dr Bike from the charity Re-Cycle visits the Colchester Campus, Square 5 every Wednesday morning in term time between 8.30am - 2.30pm. The team offers free checks as well as providing servicing, repairs and affordable second-hand bikes.

Out of term the nearest bike servicing shops are Cycle King.

Facilities and parking

Wet and dry lockers

The University has 20 'wet and dry' cycle lockers. There are two areas within the locker to use a standard clothes hanger to store wet clothes on one side and dry on the other, with another compartment to store cycle equipment. We now have ten lockers in both male and female changing rooms which are located on level 3, in the 2001 building accessed by Square 4 entrance next to the Extra Store).

Please complete a cycle locker application form (.pdf) if you would like to hire a locker. If you no longer wish to hire a locker then please complete a withdrawal form. (.pdf)

Showers and changing rooms

We have male and female showers and changing rooms available. They are located on level 3, in the 2001 building accessed by Square 4 entrance (next to the Extra store).

Cycle park

There is a cycle park adjacent to Rayleigh Tower at the end of the cycle path between Boundary Road and the North Towers causeway. CCTV and lighting covers the park and there are places for 272 bicycles.

Cycle racks

Cycle racks are located in the following locations:

  • EBS
  • Innovation Centre
  • North Towers causeway
  • North housing
  • Copse Boundary Road
  • Copse Courtyard
  • Meadows Courtyard
  • Under podia under Square 5
  • Under podia Waterstones
  • Parkside
  • Constable car park
  • Sports Arena
  • Old Sports Arena
  • South Courts
  • Under STEM 

Cycle fixing station and bike pump

We have two fixing stations and pumps where cyclists can undertake minor repairs and pump up tyres. The first is located at the cycle park under podia below Square 5 (accessed via the curved path in front of the Ivor Crewe), the second is located at the cycle path alongside Rayleigh Tower.

Security - University Cycle Watch

Cycle tagging involves removing the saddle and dropping a 'shuttlecock' type plug containing a micro chip down the main frame which is difficult, if not impossible to remove. There is a different shape chip for cycles with interrupted seat tubes.

The chip transmits a unique number which can be read by using a special reader which our Security team will use. This reader is also used by secondhand shops to ensure goods have not been stolen. A sticker is offered as a visual deterrent and warning to opportunist thieves that this system is in place.

Once registered the bicycle owner can download a certificate of ownership which stays with the owner of the bicycle. The unique number and bicycle details are recorded on a national database which only authorised scheme operators (such as the Police) have access to.

You can enrol on the scheme at the Estate Management Helpdesk. A small registration fee is payable. For more details about the scheme please contact

Contact us
Contact us
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Telephone: 01206 872959
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