CPAF (Common Placement Assessment Form)


The CPAF (Common Placement Assessment Form) is a standardised assessment form that can be used to assess all physiotherapy students out on placement in all practice settings, no matter which university they attend. It  offers a standardised process for assessing students across all practice settings and from all universities.

CPAF aims to transform practice-based learning by:

Please click here for more information on the CPAF website. In this link you can also find copies of the level 5 and 6 assessment forms.

There are various helpful resources and videos of ‘how to’ on their webpage as well as supporting guidance

CPAF Marking Tool

This tool is an excel spreadsheet to assist in completion of the CPAF marking Summary form in the student's/apprentice's ePAD. It can be down loaded and saved for future use locally, or downloaded multiple times. Open it and populate with the grades awarded for each learning outcome as you work through the domain marking sections on the ePAD. The tool will provide an overall domain scores and a tally of the number of domains and learning outcomes passed or failed for entering into the Marking Summary Form on ePAD.