We Are Essex
We won’t write your story, but here are some of ours.

We are different and we are the same.
We are humble and we are brave.
We are many and we are one.

Iain Brooke-Bennett

Inspirational stories

"I love that I can actually make a massive contribution when people are feeling distressed."
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Photo of Marie Winter

Adventure stories

"It’s such a crazy world. It’s pretty incredible."
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Photo of Rowena Macaulay

Heartwarming stories

"My paralysis happened out of the blue."
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Photo of Zoe Garshong

Ambitious stories

"Everything that I said I was going to do, I did - and I actually exceeded my expectations."
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Photo of Shaaba and Jamie

Love stories

"He presented me with a little card. It said ‘the University is our second home, our home away from home’, which it really is."
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