"They said, ‘if you want your place, we have one for you’ and I accepted. It was that easy."

I went through Clearing because my grades didn’t match what my chosen uni wanted. I felt really shocked when I didn’t get into any of my universities. I did have an idea I wasn’t going to get the grades I needed – like, from the first exam, I was thinking it didn’t go so well. The thing is, my college told me about the whole process beforehand so I didn’t feel upset because I just knew exactly what to do. I just felt like, y’know, that place, the place that I’m looking for, someone could have taken that place already so I have to act really quickly.

I didn’t even know Essex existed before clearing! I just filled out their online form. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t get anything for a while but then I got an email saying they received my form and were processing it. And then they said, if you want your place, we have a place for you and I accepted and it was that easy. Just a couple of emails!

When I got that email I felt really happy. I just felt I’m finally safe; I’m still going to uni. I celebrated just like… *fist pump*!

What really helped was that the University sent me a letter and a celebration pack which just made me feel really warm inside. I felt like a part of the Essex family already.

I feel really good here now, I’m really comfortable. It was so easy to make friends; I just said hello and it went on from there. I live in Towers, so I’ve got loads of flat mates. The first time I met them I just said, “Hey, what course do you do?” And then I found out one of them played the same sport as me – table tennis. So I became really good friends with them and we ended up reviving the table tennis club. There are a lot of members now, but when we started it was literally just the two of us.

Looking back on it all now, I’d tell myself ‘you did good’. I wouldn’t change what I did.  For someone else, I’d say don’t worry too much about Clearing. The steps are there, and all the universities, all your teachers, they’re there to support you and help you get through it.


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