Physiotherapy practice educators

The education and preparation for practice of physiotherapy students at the University of Essex is underpinned by a clear mission and ethos.


Our Mission: ‘Empower physiotherapy students to transform lives’.

Our Ethos: ‘Provide experiences which allow individual physiotherapy students to thrive by recognising, developing and leading through an enhanced understanding of self and others’.

Through collaboration with practice partners who share our mission and ethos our learners will achieve by experiencing:

  • Supportive cultures and environments that empower active learning skills and an appetite for life-long learning.
  • Inspiring, innovative role models for the future physiotherapy profession; who are open, honest and caring.
  • Encouragement to develop enquiring minds through research-led learning.

Work with us to develop new placement opportunities

Practice education, in the form of placements form an integral part of physiotherapy courses, and we are always grateful to explore the possibility of working with new placement partners and using different models and approaches to facilitating practice learning.

Our students undertake full time placements in 5-week blocks. These blocks commence in November, January, February, May, June, July and September.

Traditionally students have experienced learning from practice in a one-to-one relationship with a practice educator. But no one model of supervision is better than another. Different models for structuring and supervising placements have relative strengths and weakness which may suit your workplace more or less.

Our academic curriculum is specifically designed to support students develop self-directed learning, and reflective practice habits that will enable them to become lifelong learners and maintain their fitness to practice throughout their careers. As such we have a strong focus upon students learning through case studies, peer discussion and supported problem solving.

To support and reinforce these approaches, we prefer students attend placements in pairs. This means students peer relationships extend into the placement setting offering familiar support  with the learning and professional challenges that occur during a placement.

We endeavour to offer students practice learning opportunities in clinical care, leadership and appropriate role emerging contexts.  If you would like to discuss a placement opportunity, please contact us at

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