Research Group

Research for public and patient benefit

The activities within this research group include staff from the School of Health and Social Care as well as staff from other departments including Mathematics and Biological Sciences.

Our activities are broad ranging but have as a focus work that has a clear benefit for patients and the public. Wherever possible these activities will involve patients and health and social care partners in the development, design and implementation of these projects.

Projects & Publications


Ageing and Assisted Living

PEBL Project – Patient Engagement and Public Involvement Blogging. A research project concerned with public and patient involvement in local health care commissioning using innovative web based data collection strategy, funded by National Institute of Health Research ‘Research for Patient Benefit’ (RfPB) programme - 36 months, (Ewen Speed in conjunction with Charlie Davison and Ms Caroline Gunnell (West Essex NHS).

PEBL AI project – development project in conjunction with colleagues from SHHS, West Essex CCG, and Dept. of Computing Science and Electronic Engineering to develop data mining and data harvesting techniques on patient engagement qualitative materials for use by primary care commissioners, funded by University of Essex Staff development fund (Ewen Speed)

Information as a regulatory Device – project in conjunction with colleagues from Essex, Warwick University and University of Nottingham looking at ways in which information is being deployed as a regulatory device within the new NHS commissioning structures, funded by West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group Research Capacity Funding (Ewen Speed)

Modified Pilates as an adjunct to Standard Physiotherapy Care for Urinary Incontinence: a pilot study. Funded by National Institute of Health Research ‘Research for Patient Benefit’ (RfPB) programme - 33 months (Jo Jackson, Louise Marsland and Berthold Lausen in conjunction with Samantha Head and Faith Gage, Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust)

Longitudinal study of balance and gait of fallers and the effectiveness of falls prevention training. Project in conjunction with staff from Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust and Anglia Community Enterprise. Ageing and Assisted Living Seedcorn Fund (Matt Taylor and Jo Jackson)



Georgiadis, A., Corrigan, O. and Speed, E. (2016) Frontline Healthcare Staffs' Experience of Organising Complex Hospital Discharges: An Ethnographic Study, Ethics and Behavior, Online early, DOI: 10.1080/10508422.2016.1200977

Speed, E., Davison, C., and Gunnell, C. (2016) The anonymity paradox in patient engagement: reputation, risk and web-based public feedback, Medical Humanities, 42, 135-140, DOI:10.1136/medhum-2015-010823.


Andrews, L., Barlow, R. & Easton, E. (2015). Differences in patient outcomes between a 6, 7 and 8 week pulmonary rehabilitation programme. Physiotherapy101(1), 62-68.


Goffey, A., Pettinger, L. and Speed, E. (2014) Politics, Policy and Privatisation in the Everyday Experience of Big Data in the NHS, Studies in Qualitative Methodology, 13, 31-50. DOI:10.1108/S1042-319220140000013003.

Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy

Group lead

School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex