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Getting practical

Our MBAs choose Essex because they want to take part in hands-on learning where 'doing it' is more important than 'learning about it'.

We include project management simulations, site visits and start-up support throughout the course to ensure our students develop the practical leadership and management skills that they need for their future careers.

Take a look at some of our current and former activities for a flavour of how we teach on The Essex MBA.

So, how do we collaborate with business?

Consultancy Projects

Consultancy projects link our MBAs with organisations to work on real-world issues, specific to the business they are paired with. This gives students the chance to gain valuable consultancy experience, whilst benefitting from a practical opportunity to conduct research and analysis:

  • In 2020, Danish Hameed undertook a consultancy project during which time he worked with Suffolk based company Pager Power Urban and Renewables. Reflecting on his time on the project, Danish said “This was a phenomenal learning opportunity for me. The project helped me develop links and networks in the UK industry and provided me with a chance to learn more about the services industry. To have the experience of working as a consultant and completing a successful project for an established business, whilst still studying, is a great addition to my skill set and professional experience.”
  • In 2022, Sharina Islam undertook a consultancy project with Safe Ground, who design and deliver arts-based programmes for people in prison and the community. Sharina shaped her project to her skillset, offering a strategic view of Safe Ground's positioning in the market, alongside competitor analysis and marketing suggestions to improve their operational trajectory. Sharina said: "My consulting project with Safe Ground was a challenging yet meaningful culmination of my MBA learning experience at the University of Essex. The project posed thought-provoking concerns, ideas, strategies & solutions that required proper planning, scoping, intensive research, and more revisions than I would like to confess!"

Project Management Simulations

Project management is a core skill which is addressed through of MBA teaching and projects:

  • Our business planning module is a real life simulation co-ordinated by a visiting entrepreneur. During the course of a week, students are tasked with acquiring, leading, managing, growing and ultimately selling the entrepreneur’s business; in previous years these businesses have included a mobile DJ wagon and a football stadium.
  • We partner with external companies through our unique Director's Workshops to offer students a practical insight into project management and allow them to simulate the experience outside of the taught environment. Working with technology company and Oracle Cloud partner, InnoApps, our students are set a consultancy objective for them to achieve in groups during short breakout sessions, simulating a fast-paced, real-life working environment.

MBA students undertake their Consultancy Projects

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Start-Up Support

At Essex Business School we are keen to develop our students into world-leading talent. As a University Enterprise Zone we take particular interest in supporting our entrepreneurial students in helping them to develop their ideas.

Our MBA students are no exception to this. We run bespoke start-up support through Essex's Essex Startups programme and nurture entrepreneurial ideas in our business incubation unit.

Hear from Andy Mew, Head of Start-Up Support at the University of Essex, as he discusses what entrepreneurialism means at Essex and how we support our MBAs.

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