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Three male MBA students sit at a desk in discussion together.

Simulations, challenges, projects and support

Our MBAs choose Essex because they want to take part in hands-on learning where 'doing it' is more important than 'learning about it'. We include project management simulations, site visits and employer conferences throughout the course to ensure our students develop the practical leadership and management skills that they need for their future careers.
Take a look at some of our current and former projects for a flavour of how we teach on The Essex MBA.

Start-Up Support

At Essex Business School we are keen to develop our students into world-leading talent. As a University Enterprise Zone we take particular interest in supporting our entrepreneurial students in helping them to develop their ideas.

Our MBA students are no exception to this. We run bespoke start-up support through our Essex-Start-Ups programme and nurture entrepreneurial ideas in our business incubation unit. Hear from Andy Mew, Head of Start-Up Support at the University of Essex, as he discusses what entrepreneurialism means at Essex and how we support our MBAs.

Leadership Development

Leadership forms one of the fundamental pillars of The Essex MBA. We aim to teach purposeful leadership as we believe that the world needs better leaders, whether they are managers, company directors or diplomats. Elisabeth Kelan, Professor of Organisational Studies and Human Resource Management and Lecturer in Leadership on the Essex MBA, is especially interested in gender roles in leadership and she explores this in her module, Leading with Impact, on The Essex MBA.

In this video Elisabeth discusses her interpretation of leadership, why it is important to study leadership on a programme such as an MBA and how leadership development takes many forms, particularly through role models.

Project Management Simulations

Site Visits

Two female and one male MBA students sit at a desk in a classroom in discussion with one another. They are laughing.
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