One of the main decisions that students have to make when they decide to study at a university? Where to live. A popular option is living on campus, and luckily the University of Essex offers a vibrant on-campus community that provides many advantages for students.

One of the biggest advantages for me is the proximity to the rest of campus and academic resources. If I need to wake up early for a lecture or have a study group at the library, living on campus allows me to be within a 5-minute walking distance at most times. This allows me to save time that would otherwise be spent on commuting, allowing for better time management and enabling me to balance my academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities.

Another benefit for me is the diverse and inclusive community of students from all different backgrounds and cultures. When I chose to study at Essex a big appeal was the diversity. Since I joined this Essex community, I have made lifelong friends, getting to know their cultures and customs and learning how to be more open and welcoming to different perspectives on life. I have also enjoyed the experience of collaborating with students living in other on-campus accommodation, organising social events and being able to meet more people.

The University and Students’ Union organises plenty of on-campus events, and living on campus allows you to take part in a lot of these opportunities. There are a lot of extracurricular activities for students to take part in year-round, so being near them allows for more flexibility and saves time too.

Living on campus allows you experience living away from home and gain independence. I have learned how to manage my own schedule and navigate academic and social life. At first it was a challenge for me to share the kitchen with other people, but we now work together to keep everything clean and tidy, and it’s lovely to have a shared communal space.

Essex provides a safe and secure environment, with dedicated 24-hour security and robust safety measures in place, offering peace of mind for everyone living on campus. The security team is always available and quick to respond, and I feel very safe living on campus.

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Michael sitting on bed in north towers, and a group of students having dinner in the kitchen