The exciting world of university is a blend of challenges and opportunities that knows no bounds. Whether you're diving in fresh or making a comeback like me (yep, took a little break too), finding the harmony between life and academics is no small feat. Lucky for you, I've been down that road and picked up some tips to keep my mental health in check while nailing my assignments.

1. Balancing Nutrition and Budget

Imagine this: maintaining a healthy diet without emptying your wallet. Sounds tricky, but it's possible. Get ready to embrace budget-friendly meal prep and be supermarket savvy (those evening discounts are golden). And remember to indulge yourself occasionally – apps like UniDays can hook you up with student-friendly restaurant deals.

2. Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Ever felt like you're out of place? Imposter syndrome doesn't care about age, and it's a familiar struggle for many. Here's the scoop: connect with fellow students and professors who understand the journey. Trust me, you're not alone. Plus, remember that there's no time limit on pursuing your dreams. Take a step back and focus on your bigger goals.

3. Exploring Available Support Resources

Guess what? University of Essex has your back when it comes to your mental wellbeing. Take a tour of the support services available on campus – even if you don't use them, knowing they're there can provide a sense of security. Those one-on-one chats with your personal tutor? Invaluable for releasing that stress valve.

4. Carve Out Time for Relaxation

Transitioning from school or a regular work routine to the university hustle can be a challenge. Carving out time for self-care is key. Everyone's idea of relaxation varies – whether it's meditation, leisurely walks, or catching up on guilty pleasure TV. Balancing academic demands with personal downtime becomes a skill you'll swiftly develop.

5. Embracing a Structured Schedule

Procrastination adds stress, and last-minute assignments rarely lead to a happy ending. Trust me, I speak from experience! Alongside your relaxation time, constructing a solid study routine is a game-changer. A personal planner that combines deadlines and commitments in one spot can be a lifesaver. This way, you can prioritise tasks and navigate your day with clarity.

6. Setting Achievable Goals

While aiming high is commendable, setting attainable goals is where the magic happens. Divide your academic and personal objectives into smaller, manageable steps. Celebrate each achievement along the way – these little victories build your confidence and overall satisfaction.

7. Staying Connected Beyond Campus

Balance isn't just about acing exams; it's about staying connected. Regularly catching up with friends and family outside the university bubble can significantly contribute to your mental wellbeing. These connections remind you of your identity beyond the academic world.

8. Seeking Professional Help When Needed

Let's get real for a moment. If your mental health feels like a puzzle missing pieces, don't hesitate to ask for professional help. University of Essex provides counselling services for students. Trained professionals are equipped to offer guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.


There you have it – my ultimate playbook for thriving during your university journey while keeping your mental wellbeing in check. Remember, it's not a sprint; it's a marathon. By weaving these strategies into your academic adventure, you're crafting a story of success and self-care. Keep your cool, stay true to yourself, and navigate the university landscape like the accomplished individual you are!