As we are going into the winter months and with many of us are working from home we may be using our boilers a lot more than we usually would. Gas burning from boilers is a major source of local pollution, we want to share some ways in which you can keep your house warmer for longer without having the heating on all the time and could save you some money.


  • Save on hot water by having shorter showers, you will not only save on water but save money on your gas and water bill 
  • Check for cracks/draughts from your windows.
  • Have a blanket to hand, blankets will keep you warmer for longer without having to turn up the thermostat
  • Make sure you open your curtains when the sun is out, the sun can help warm up a room.
  • At night time make sure they are closed as they can act as a barrier against the cold and help keep your room more insulation
  • Use draft excluders on your doors
  • Close off rooms you don’t use
  • Wear a jumper, socks and slippers to keep warm
  • Move your furniture around, don’t block radiators
  • Turning the thermostat down by just one degree you can save up to 10 per cent on your bill
  • Use a hot water bottle

If you live off of campus and need more information about reducing your energy bills visit Warm Homes Essex and Cadent Green Doctor Service.