The ongoing war in Ukraine has affected our students in many ways and as a university, we are working hard to support all our students both practically and emotionally. We are also working closely with the Student’s Union, and we want to outline our help and advice below for all affected students within our community. We will update the webpage regularly with new information and advice. For more information, you can read the Vice-Chancellor’s statement on the Ukraine crisis.

Wellbeing support

The Student Wellbeing & Inclusivity Service is here to support you. If you would like to have a friendly chat with the team discuss the support available for your wellbeing, you can contact them directly at or you can complete the enquiry form.

The University Counselling Service is also on hand to support our students, by providing a safe and confidential space to talk and explore how you are feeling. Our student counselling service is provided by Validium. If you would like to refer yourself for counselling, you can complete the online referral form and you will then be contacted via email to explain how to access your telephone assessment. Students can also use the Student Wellbeing Support Line, a 24-hour phone line for University of Essex Students, provided by Validium. You can call them any time on 0800 970 5020, or +44 141 271 7168 if outside the UK.

Silvercloud is an online cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) resources offering a range of programmes on mental health and wellbeing and is free to University of Essex students. Students can also access Togetherall, a safe, online peer-to-peer mental health community that empowers students to anonymously seek and provide support 24/7. To sign up, simply use your student email address to register as a member of a university or college.

Our Faith Centre team are available for support for any students who would like to have a chat, and they can be contacted directly at The SU Advice team is also here to support and advise students affected by the conflicts in Ukraine. 

Financial support

We want to ensure students affected by the conflicts in Ukraine and Russia are supported financially. The Funding team have opened applications for the Hardship Fund for students impacted by the conflicts and are also on hand for advice and assistance regarding the financial help available. They can be contacted at The SU Advice team are also available to support students in need of financial advice and support. 

Academic support

Departments are assisting all affected students and available to advise on the support available should the conflicts have impacted or interrupted your studies. If you have concerns about your studies, please email your personal tutor or department so they can assist you in the first instance. You can also speak with the Student Wellbeing & Inclusivity Service if you have any worries about your studies and need academic support by emailing If you feel your studies have been affected, please do look at the Extenuating Circumstances policy and submit a claim for work that has been impacted. The SU Advice team can also assist you with your Extenuating Circumstances claims.  

Other support

Students who are unable to return home due to travel restrictions or sanctions can apply to reside in our campus accommodation for the summer. Applications for vacation accommodation can be made online, and are open to current campus accommodation residents and for those who currently reside off campus in private accommodation.

Everyone in our community should be treated with dignity and respect. If you are worried about your safety on campus or have concerns about harassment or hate crime you can speak with the Student Wellbeing & Inclusivity team for support. If you experience any form of hate crime or harassment within the student community, we strongly encourage you to report this via the Report & Support platform so that appropriate action can be taken, and wellbeing support can be provided to you.

We are here to support you. We are one community. We are Essex.